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Retro Review: Murder She Wrote episode Snow White, Blood Red

I don't know what season this is from but it looks so 80's. Jessica visits a ski lodge where the US world cup ski team, Emma Samms and a homicidal maniac are staying. Cue fake looking snow storms, a bickering married couple, an ominous crossbow on display, huge hair, ugly perms, mouth breathing acting and everyone wearing hideous woolly sweaters.

An obnoxious skier is killed and then other skiers are targeted. Whodunit? Well Jessica finds out in between a musical number and an unemoting villain who looks too geriatric to have taken on three athletes. This was okay nostalgia.

Best Lines:
"You are a miserable human being!"

"Which way is down?"

"I would be killing you!"

"Possibility of a maniac on the premises, we need help!"
Tags: 1980s horror anthologies

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