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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Crossing’ 1x03 promo

Crouton free Caesar salad - nice.
Mint Evolution tic tacs - okay.

‘Applecart’ has been renamed ‘Dead Night’.

Hip Chips has closed?

Alec Baldwin is not in the Joker movie.

There are strawberry nut M&Ms?

New Zealand wants to ban cats?

I will read ‘Vox’, ‘The Island’ and ‘A Confederacy Of Dunces’.

What is smoked oyster mayonnaise?

Who read ‘The Changeover’?

I won’t read ‘Future Popes Of Ireland’.

Who saw ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ or ‘Genevieve’ or ‘True Romance’ or ‘The Rainmaker’ or ‘Swordfish’ or ‘Murder In Space’ or ‘The Accidental Husband’ or ‘Hope and Glory’?

The ‘Inspector Alleyn Mysteries’ suck.

What is a bone contusion?

What is a heavy metal cleanse?

I want the Vagres Mysterieuses clip and a Buccellati brooch in 18ct yellow and white gold with yellow and white diamonds and tourmaline. I also want a crystal honey jar and a munna velvet and brass Olympia armchair.

Recall ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ (1996-2003)?

‘SciFiNow’ Quote:
“Cheesily fusty affairs whose very outmodedness was part of their camp appeal.”

‘Shades Of Blue’ Quote:
“He was never walking out.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“So unsafe that no reasonable holiday maker would agree to go on holiday there.”

“Strip field farming.”

“Proven negative consequences.”

“MI6’s attitude to him and his government.”

“A general expectation that they could sort out l the stresses and strains of modern life.”

“Work is quite simply defined as not being work.”

“Grinding day to day denigration.”

“Subsidiary channels,”

“Romanticisation of bad things.”

“Rest plan.”

“Long corridors to storm down.”

“Chime is too noisy.”

“Should not have behaved so confrontationally.”

“Causative factor.”

“Inherent falseness.”

“Gender power relations.”

“Politically congenial.”

“Emotional history.”

“Erotically fascinated.”

“Ethnic conformity.”

“Glassy-eyed conviction.”

“Nationally beloved.”

‘Inspector Morse’ Quotes:
“Some old lady hit on her head in her council flat.”

“Saying silly things.”

“He’s not here now. None of them are.”

“Rich neurotics.”

“Shiver with dread.”

“Abuse my courtesy.”

“Ill-matched couple.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“Bought IMB in 1932.”

“You and your little woman.”

‘Jigsaw’ Quotes:
“You have a choice. Scream or don’t.”

“We built a legacy.”

‘Blackadder The Third’ Quotes:
“Famous for having the worst personality in Germany and as you can imagine, that’s up against some pretty stiff competition.”

“Just pretends to be bluff and crass and unbelievably thick and gittish.”

“Roam the valleys terrifying people with their close harmony singing.”

“I’m auditioning for the part of Arnold The Bat in Sheridan’s new comedy.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Dead liver.”

“Faking illnesses for attention.”

“He’s pitiful.”

“Drug-seeking behaviour.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Climate pariah.”

“Sounds like the results of a fat man sitting on a Game Boy in 1992.”

“Have expectations for you.”

“Inheritable benefits.”

“Living skills.”

“Made my dislike for this country even stronger.”



“Often refusing to go to school or to bathe.”

“My role was to be quiet and invisible.”

“Things circulated around her welfare.”

“The vomit parent.”

“Internal shame.”

“All the neighbours hated us for no reason.”

“But not even the most decent of them would ever consider challenging the system, or thinking it might need to be challenged.”

“Historically ruinous.”

‘The Gloss Magazine’ Quote:
“Fit in and get approval from a community-”

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quotes:
“Today’s audience, they’re not into dialogue.”

“I like bad TV.”

“A slob with a word processor.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Out of touch with today’s fashionable restaurants, clothes and language.”

“Detrimental to national unity.”

“Commercial woes.”

“Boyish bonhomie.”

“Scourge of soft drink barons.”

“Savage press criticism.”

“Grew up in a pub.”

“Bad leavers.”

“Vile, vindictive, vicious and baseless.”

“Social labels.”

“Moral revolution.”

“Raw grievance.”

“Philosophical logic.”

“Catholic tastes in ice-cream.”

“Near-constant war.”

“Necrotic economy.”

“A vast class of retiers virulently opposed to any kind of reform.”

“Formative time.”

“Changing moral mores.”

“The inevitability of the end.”


“Paranoid parenting.”

“Redeem the lives of dead strangers.”

“Sleaze brigade.”

“Scorched-earth self-reinvention.”

“Snatching chaos from the jaws of success.”

‘Mission: Impossible’ Quotes:
“Anti Western satellites.”

“Any chance for liberty.”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quote:
“That crazy little goblin you had sex with killed my mum and dad!”
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