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Traveler 1x07 Rewatch + Krypton 1x02+ FearTheWalkingDead1x03+Killing Eve (2018-?) 1x01&1x02 Reviewed

The Reunion
Why didn’t Tyler’s dad kill them in 1x02 if he is part of the conspiracy? How did Tyler pay for college if his dad cut him off? The plot is a little less than conniving. What did they do at Yale besides steal traffic cones and eat cereal? How did Will get into completive Yale grad school if he was faking being a student? Does Jay’s $80,000 debt still need paying? They went to grad school to widen a specific knowledge base. It went badly for them.

Some of the previous eps have not quite lived up to the expectation of 1x01. Two years of grad school have been dismissed by the Drexler. Tyler outruns the FBI. Jay sneaks and Will’s angry and Tyler’s car is impounded. Why didn’t they find the painting hidden in it tat will be important in 1x08? Will looks stuff up online. Will, Tyler and Jay have a lot of difficulties in their lives.

Things are tumultuous. Logic and subtlety fade into the background. Things have irretrievably worsened for them. The show is biased toward gloom. Tyler is embarrassing bland. Will has a nasty side and legitimate grievances. Tyler hangs out in a bar and drinks. Has he money? Isn’t he a fugitive? Menace and fear predominate. Tyler is all unheroic resonance. He’s a total disaster of a person. Tyler has been disregarded and disavowed. Kim is overly fixated on Jay. Marlowe has a jaded air.

Who is the terrifying enemy behind all this? Kim is dumb and has no sober efficiency. Tyler is excruciatingly tedious. FBI guy is harried and unpleasant. Tyler has emotional pain. There are flashbacks to Tyler and his visceral stupidity. The far reaching implications of the Drexler go on. This is very good if not emotionally profound. There is trust and doubt. Why do people want Tyler and Jay held accountable? Tyler and Jay are unreconciled. FBI guy is uncongenial. Tyler has no emotional reasoning.

Kim and her shrill tone thinks this is fixable. There is no intellectual responsibility. Tyler is crapulous and intellectually unserious. Is Jay hiding out in Kim’s old apartment? Why is it empty? In NY? Will has ruined the lives of friends who liked him. Kim’s apartment was her and Jay’s? Why isn’t it a crime scene?  There is no gravitas or poignancy. Jay and Kim boff in a bed. Is that Kim’s bed or someone else’s? Why is there furniture there? Jay is rancid company and Tyler is a sad and pathetic sight.

Will is too complex to be labelled. He’s witty and callous. Jay is shirtless and has Will’s stash. There is a recording of Will and Joseph discussing the Drexler in the stash. Who is Joseph? Why did Will record them talking and keep it? The escaped prisoner was a fed? Jay and Tyler try to evade scurrilous claims and wicked speculation. Will has quiet malevolence and an armour of lies. This has no heft or edginess but it does entertain. Jay has an eternal preoccupation with Kim.

This has no gritty believability. Menacing forces lurk. This is gripping. Will has restrained anger. Will is fierce and unapologetic and one is unsure of his true objectives or opinions. Things are deliberately ambiguous and the lack of clarity is intriguing. The rift between Jay and Tyler bores. Tyler picks up a bartender. Tyler is odious and has a hopeless life. He and Jay are without most forms of justice. They shouldn’t have lasted this long.

Their lives are deeply disaffected. Jay won’t face the consequences of running as he denounces his treatment. He has wounded indignation about the awful tragedy that befell him and discredited him and the determined falsehood that made him blameworthy. All commonsense is corrupted with suspicion due to Will’s connivance. The duo are on the front of a tabloid about how they vex feds. The manmade tragedy has had lifelong consequences and soured relations. Tyler finds it horrific and distressing. He’s vociferously awful.

Jay thinks he can escape unfair censure with unnegotiable proof of the highly dubious Will’s existence. Their perilous journey goes on. Is the FBI operating at the highest ethical standards? Jay thinks they’ll be vindicated. Tyler uses someone’s computer. He’s desperate eyed.

Inexplicable decisions are made. Will has pain and fury. Integrity and goodwill dries up. Will fights a guy. The malicious rumours and gossip make Tyler sad. Will has simmering rage in the very very dark times. Will learns dark truths about his boss. Tyler is wilful. Tyler’s repellent and demoralised. Tyler has consternation. Will has depth and grimness as he learns his wretchedly corrupt boss has a long history of bad faith. Will has commitment to being a bastard. Tyler’s testing my patience. Jay’s infuriating. Will has burning resentment and undid them all. There is no such thing as pure motivation. Will is an unstable stoic and a potential psychopath.

FBI guy is cross, self-righteous and full of scorn and he leads the maniacal pursuit. Will beguiles viewers. Tyler’s insufferable. Possibilities are sceptically terrifying. Societal assumptions go out the window. Will is an imposing presence. One doesn’t see any deep passion between Jay and Kim. Jay needs to make different personal decisions. He sees himself as a kind generous paragon. He confronts Marlowe. There are anxious forebodings and the greatest alarm. Tyler’s uncommoningly trying. What diabolical genius set this in motion?

Jay sees eventual respectability as a possibility despite so many salacious lies. Will remains in command of his surroundings. Tyler slept with the bartender so he could use her PC. There is a surprisingly poignant moral quandary. Tyler is appalling and ghastly. Jay gives Marlowe Will’s fake passports and info. Kim is stupid. Jay has consternation. Marlowe has a combative edge. All Jay’s determined efforts are for naught. Suddenly Will is afore them. How did the indomitably self-willed Will find his ‘friends’?

There is no moral nuance. Marlowe has grumpiness. Their dramatic travail and unnecessary discontent goes on. Tyler is suspicious to the point of mania and chastening reality hits Jay. Tyler and Jay are now suspected of murder (1x02) and kidnapping (1x06). Jay grabs back all the documents. Things are luridly tragic and depressing. Bleak exchanges go on. Will and his cold gaze and morally ambiguous self dramatically reunites with his friends. Tyler takes a cop hostage. He’s utterly ludicrous. Who is nefarious? The blandly creepy FBI guy lurks, the dogged perseverance of Marlowe goes on, Tyler is disenchanted and the assertive and demanding Will has magnetic pull. Aaron Stanford has been cast on ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ - he needs a better career.

Best Lines:
“I know Will exists.”

“Will might still be a threat to them.”

“Bomber guy.”

“Nothing is normal.”

“Carlton Fog set us up.”

“Everything is gone.”

“Will sure had us fooled.”

“You are that bomber guy.”

“You’re not going to shoot anyone.”
“No. But I will.”

The House Of El
TPTB have tried to create an entire planet with political, military and religious structure. How did civilization evolve if the planet is such a harsh environment? Add in time travel and a love story yet this was still boring. Powerful political forces are at work in Kandor. Is eah city self-ruling? How did Seg-El get back to and leave the fortress several times without being noticed? Adam Strange babbles about the Zeta Beam.

There’s a unique set of dilemmas. Seg has non-compliance. Strange is evasive and misleading. Seg has unconcealed rage and painful memories. This was underpowered. Seg is discomfited about injustice and is bad mannered. Beardy is haughty and plotting. There are serious threats and intimations. Expectations are at odds with reality. Adam Strange is ethically wrong. Seg has no inquisitiveness and is not contented or fulfilled.

Strange has no personable, credible approach. I am not intrigued. Seg has antagonistic relationships. This was all frivolity and blandness. Nobody is morally scrupulous. TPTB are not persuading audiences that this is something they want to see. What is Black Zero? This is not complex or imaginative. This was nonsensical, staid and lumbering. This is utterly ridiculous.

Seg is uncongenial. This was not absorbing or intriguing. Just ponderous unpleasantness. This was not highly engaging. Just faintly preposterous. Seg has hard hearted blankness. There are clashes of ideologies and moral pathology. Lyta has domestic and work horror. There are dreary fights, blood and no moral cover. Seg instinctively distrusts people. The Phantom Zone is mentioned and Beardy’s daughter is a bitch.

Best Lines:
“Knew they were coming for you.”

“Deep space sensors.”

“Force dome.”

“No turning back from this.”

The Dog
This was not intensely frightening or unnerving. Nick’s not self-reliant. He whines about his self-imposed burden and has systematic idleness, laziness and disregard for everything. The situation is volatile. A plane in peril is seen. They can’t leave. Travis and his anti-gun stance is stupid. The army show up toward the end of the ep. Nobody is well-intentioned. The police aren’t pacifying the hideousness. Something of earth shattering importance is unfolding apocalyptically and all people can do is riot. I found this cringe.

The irritating Nick is infuriating. Nick’s never taken responsibility or offered an open and unqualified apology. LA blacks out. There is no effective action. Horrible, life-altering things happen. There is no resonance. Nick has bad personal conduct and callousness. Maybe if Madison was less indulgent with Nick, he’d stop with the serious provocations. There is dubious speculation and no clear thinking.

A dog shows up, but not for long. Travis is a moron. There is judgement, severity and cruelty. This was dull. Nick hogs pills and ignores a child who may be in distress. Madison whines. People put the bins out. Civilization is spectacularly lost. Tension is not ratched up and people are hostile and threatening.

Best Lines:
“Good people are the first ones to die.”

“What happens if what’s out there, gets in here?”
“We run.”

Nice Face
Sandra Oh screams. A psycho hit woman strikes and MI6 agent Sandra Oh must catch her. No-one listens when she says the killer is a woman. Eve (Oh) pulls sad faces. The killer causes unspeakable horrors and indulges in ingenious meaningless cruelty. Eve and the assassin unwittingly come face to face in the ladies room. There is a massacre at the hospital. Eve’s fired. No.

Best Lines:
“Speak heroin Polish.”

“Starting to show off.”

“Sister and her arsehole baby.”

I’ll Deal With Him Later
Eve is recruited to a secret taskforce. The assassin is psycho and has an admirer and kills a woman in a toilet. What is with that woman and toilets? Eve is kind of awful. The assassin kills her admier. This was dull. The assassin learns she and Eve have forged a connection. The assassin does worryingly extreme things. Even her bosses are worried. This was not worryingly believable.

Best Lines:
“Recently and violently.”

“Killed with a hairpin.”
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