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Mars (2016-?) 1x01 + Traveler 1x05&1x06 Rewatch + Instinct (2018-?) 1x01 + Quantico 3x13 Reviewed

Novo Mundo
Set in 2033, this drama documentary shows how the IMSF was formed out of all the world’s space agencies and private industry to send humanity to Mars. Meanwhile Elon Musk and other real world types appear in interview segments talking about what it will take to get to Mars. Why does the 14 storey ship launch from Cape Canaveral? The ship is named Daedalus. That was also used as the name of the space station in ‘Space Camp’.

The captain of Daedalus has a sneery obsession with being growly. Elon Musk speaks before his crack up. SpaceX control Pad 39A now. There is okay world constructing. People babble about how we need Mars as a cultural reprieve. The IMSF HQ is in Vienna. The weird looking ship takes 219 days to reach Mars. They don’t show us the journey.  The precise details of what powers the Daedalus is left vague. This was strangely impressive. The crew of social types are bland. This will irrevocably change humanity.

How much did this Mars trip cost? There is a tech failure. Some acting has limited success. This tries for candour and sincerity. This is relevant as it goes on about humanity’s existential struggle. The acting is largely dire. They’re under tremendous pressure. The ship was meant to sustain them for 2 years on Mars. But they land in the wrong place. The ship has an irritating computer voice. There is mumbling and bombastic egoism and more incomprehensible mumbling.

The authorative commander can’t act and he has no judgement. He’s knocked around as the ship lands. This show seems like a glorified SpaceX ad. The ship’s crew need oxygen, water, food, power and 3D printers. There is talk of cosmic radiation. This SpaceX ad is a tool for entertainment. They’re 75kim from base camp and need to travel toward it like ‘Earth2’. The ship’s engine is damaged.

The astronauts have a relatively sedate reaction to landing on another world. The support crew has elation. So much for the great longings for the stars. There’s a Russian module on Mars. How do they pee? People have dignified demeanours. Ben the commander lies with impunity. Does the ship have artificial gravity? The gravity difference isn’t shown. Humanity walking on Mars doesn’t rate a comment and isn’t shown on TV. There is no joyousness by the astronauts as they walk on Mars. The Apollo 13 commander speaks. The space suits look like they have boob armour. I may watch more.

Best Lines:
“Seek beyond what we know.”

“One shared goal.”

“Take humankind even further.”

“People after us to come.”

“Stare in wonder at those planets we named for our gods.”

“Begin entry sequence.”

“Leave our home and build a new one.”

“Went to another heavenly body.”

“Retro rockets.”

“What happens after we get there.”

“Humankind is on Mars!”

“Brutal terrain.”

“Painfully slow.”

The Tells
Will gets a stage punch as his employees drag him off. In this ep we see things from Will’s POV. Jay and Tyler hang out with the porter. There is a car chase and intense conflict. Jay and Tyler’s fates are persistently controlled by others. People have cold assurance and take vindictive pleasure in interrogating Will. It’s 54 hours since the Drexler bombing. Nobody has grace or dignity. There is dated tech. Tyler and Jay lie to the porter and are hostile.

Jay and Tyler face the obliteration of their futures as their guilt is largely accepted. The dead body from the Drexler is examined. The profiler is accepting of Will Traveler’s existence. People deliver their own agendas. Jay and Tyler face infamy. Jay has storm force grievances. As Jay and Tyler run from the serious charges, they’re implicated by public opinion. Some bimbo who can’t act, Kate, taunts Will with hideous cruelty.

Jay and Tyler are under fire. Will mumbles about Hometown. There are significant accusations. Jay and Tyler are implicated in criminal conduct by a seemingly unstoppable conspiracy. Tyler whines. One feels increasing indifference for him. Will has no verified existence yet the FBI has decided he’s real. When did that happen? Tyler is a horrendous human being. Will is treated in a deplorable manner by his employers. Did Will have qualms about the Drexler? Is that why his employers have turned on him? Tyler and Jay are covered in legal and ethical stains.

Will and Tyler were supposed to die in the bombing. Jay and Tyler want to claw back some credibility. Will was confounding good at effectively sullying Jay and Tyler’s names. Who was the guy Will killed in the Drexler? Why did Will do such monstrous crimes? He’s a moral catastrophe. Kate tries to be bad. Why the destruction of young lives? Will feels a fog of anger. Will asked for the Jay and Tyler assignment? Kate can’t act and isn’t bad ass. Will does terrible things, yet seems reasonable or believes that he is reasonable.

Jay looks up the Yellow Pages. Will has detectable bitterness. We’ll never learn about the show’s larger mythology. Will faces explicit redpudiation by his employers. Kate is a joke with her overwrought dialogue and rotten acting. Nobody recognises the besmirched Jay and Tyler prancing around Boston? Will is totally unapologetic. Jay has Will’s key to a research locker. Will has justifiable anger, rage and fury.

Kate barely registers on the consciousness. Will really did become friends with Jay and Tyler. Is he feeling any shame? Will stole a painting from the Drexler. Why? The research locker is full of passports, money and a gun. Why hasn’t Will recovered any of his stashes? Where was he between 1x01 and 1x03? Tyler walks around with a garbage bag full of stuff in nonchalant fashion. There is a flashback to Will meeting his handler Joseph. Poor despondent Will.

Jay and Tyler find Will’s school expenses. What do with their big stash bag of Will’s stuff? Why don’t they drop it off at the FBI? Where does it go? It seemed to vanish between this ep and 1x06. Will faces a devastating loss and a major blow. Maya still can’t act. Will has resilience. Kate has catastrophic distain for Will. Jay and Tyler hang out in an internet café looking up dated computer tech. Will had a devastating impact on Jay and Tyler’s lives but he did ensure they didn’t die.

This was okay. Jay and Tyler plan a return to NY. Kate has inhibited enthusiasm for mocking Will. Kate tries disastrously to act. Why did Will’s employers turn on him? Kate annoys. This ep was kind of a bitter disappointment; it was really brought down by Kate’s terrible acting. There is muttering about vagaries. Will’s in a vengeful mood. He did things for unacceptable reasons. One feels a disconnection from this one. This ep is not highly significant.

Kate’s smug and gets a chair shard in the chest. No-one cares about Will’s sexual proclivities with Maya. Kate, Maya and Kim are all boring bad actresses. Why did Will regard it as his moral duty to betray Jay and Tyler? Why did Will leave clues and stashes all over the place? Why didn’t he dump the map for their fake road trip? All Jay and Tyler can talk about is if Will faked being a Cubs fan. I didn’t adore this ep. Will’s disillusioned. Tyler and Jay make assumptions. A prisoner escapes the FBI. I don’t care about Maya’s desperate lament. A bomb goes off which isn’t mentioned in 1x06.

Best Lines:
“How did they get out Will?”

“This guy backed him.”

“Still think this guy might have been our friend?”

“Did you know Will was alive?”
“I didn’t think he was dead.”

“They will be framed for the bombing and they’re expected to die in the blast.”

“We only needed you to get your friends here.”

“Finding Will is a bad idea.”

“Will is not our friend.”

“Think we’ll make it?”

“Quick kill scenario.”

“Will Traveler lives.”

“Some part of Will’s friendship is real.”

“These guys couldn’t buy a clue.”
“And yet they seem strangely adept at life on the run. Are they exceptionally lucky?”

“I knew I was no longer trusted.”

“Who the hell are we dealing with?”

“Being such a cold blooded son of a bitch.”

“The day Will moved in.”

“He picked the wrong guys to frame.”

“He’s not your friend and he’s not someone you want to find.”

The Trader
This was okay. Tyler studied management but seems inept. The duo are much maligned. The original promo had a different Kim. This was devoid of any emotional clout. Jay has a combative edge. Tyler attracts blame. Kim is an entirely negative force. She has left NY. Will has no friends.

Jay and Tyler are wrongly accused pawns set up by a sinister conspiracy. It’s 3 days and 21 hours since the Drexler bombing. Tyler and Jay are back in NY. They have no grace or stoicism. They seem to be wearing pink lipgloss. FBI guy is covered in bullet scars. Jay and Tyler’s running is passing for a purpose. They want to cleanse their names and restore their honour and integrity. They’re still legally responsible.

Will was cool, cruel and ruthless but now he learns his boat was blown up and his Boston stash is gone. There is a flashback to Will and boring dead Maya. Jay and Tyler check out who bankrolled Will’s time at Yale. Tyler Labine of ‘Invasion’ and ‘Reaper’ pops up as a former collegemate of Jay and Tyler’s. So he graduated with them and has a job? While they went on road trip? Wouldn’t he know Will?

Jay has insufferable nobility. Carlton Fog (William Sadler) lets Tyler knows what he thinks of him. Carlton thinks Tyler would ruin the family. Ha ha ha! The FBI have Will on camera. What did Tyler and Jay do with Will’s stash of guns and passports? Why didn’t they turn them in? Jay’s awful. They harass the nicely odious ‘friend’ (Labine) and learn uncompromising truths. This is not poignant. Jay and Tyler have adaptive survival behaviour as they encounter ill-doings.

People have shifty manners. Where is Tyler’s brother? Will has an unforgiving nature and no coherent agenda. Discontent continues to simmer. The friend is a pompous ass and he is part of the universal hostility to the duo. The bane Will is moodily charismatic and has furiously bone-crunching fights with people despite being injured.

The ‘friend’ is deliciously sleazy and shows bad faith. Jay is painfully awful. Jay thinks justice is inevitable. Jay and Tyler fall out and attract more suspicions of wrongdoing. They are under even more judgement. Tyler and Jay have no integrity. Tyler is weepy over his dad. The bitter disagreement was inevitable. They don’t actually like each other. Will was the glue. Will is billy no mates.

Best Lines:
“No one left to help you.”

“Never one for a subtle entrance were you Will?”

“Playing the good wife. To that.”

“What is it with these guys and libraries?”

“They’re not options.”

“Forced me into university housing.”

“Superglue fume.”

“More friends of Will’s.”

“Hello Will Traveler.”

“To get me and Jay into that house together with Will.”

“Private wealth management.”

“You’re already tried and convicted.”

“Where’s your office?”
“Down here. Right next to the one that was supposed to be Tyler’s.”

“Keep doing it. And him.”

“Stop making my decisions.”

“Nobody did anything illegal. Except for you two.”

This was a deep disappointment and I won’t watch any more of this. Murders that do not resemble recognisable crimes are committed. A boring cop and a smug college lecturer (Alan Cumming of ‘The High Life’) investigate. The plot unfolds disastrously. The disrespectful profesor natters and has an absolute right to annoy which does not seem a terribly marketable or even applicable skill. There are no respectful discussions. This was overly plotted. There is a club called White Lines. The cop is a fight picking pecky thing.

There is a spectacle of difference. There are no fascinating discussions. The cop does annoying assertive responses. This won’t become a viewing ritual. Naveen Andrews of ‘Lost’ and Whoopi Goldberg also star. Dylan was CIA. There is bad acting and an obvious baddie. This does not resonate. I felt derision for this. This lacked in edge and was inconceivably atrocious.

Best Lines:
“You the scared looking one.”

“The world’s gotten scarier.”

“Don’t care how I look pantsuit.”

“Professor Psychopath.”

“You have to really dislike someone to stab them this many times.”

“Lazy. Stupid. Smug.”

Who Are You?
Thuggish looking types attend a funeral. The Garda uniforms are wrong. Why is the FBI running an investigation in Ireland? The baddie shows up and isn’t recognised despite his old west style moustache. The Irish cops are all shown to be corrupt and inefficient. The funeral is bizarre. Alex goes hysterical. Patrick Bergin shows up. There is babble about clans and vague plotting in a pub. What happened to the sex trafficking ring? What about the media baron who wanted to buy some women? There is mumbling. There is vague Orirish music on the soundtrack.

Americans fire guns wildly in Ireland unnoticed. Alex reunites with her oldslam piece and his daughter. He’s dumb and doomed. Ryan and Shelby are happy together or something. Alex’s ex is rude to her and never learns about the miscarriage. His daughter is not Alex’s. Ryan is beat up. Alex threatens to have the FBI swarm Ireland. HOW? Alex takes custody of the daughter of her ex and plays to go to America with her. HOW? The baddie is shot dead and nobody is arrested. HOW? Ryan’s fate is left unclear. Various types hook up. What happened to the evil doctor? This was a shoddy end to a show that started out well. Will they all be fired for the crap they pulled? PLEASE!

Best Lines:
“Rabid lunatic.”

“Men who disobey me, die slowly.”
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