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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Suspira’ trailer
There is mumbling, Lena Dunham types, mirrors, outfits made of string, big glasses, a door and this looks good.

Best Line:
“Dance the dance of another.”

‘Slice’ trailer
A werewolf, a pizza shop, a gateway to hell and scooters. No.

‘Charmed’ chant trailer
The Book Of Shadows. Crows. A Ouija board.

‘Charmed’ bond trailer

Best Line:
“We have to unite.”

‘Press’ promo

I know about texture aversions.

Who saw ‘School Daze, ‘Mo’ Better Blues’, ‘Bamboozled’, ‘The Great Muppet Caper’ (1981), ‘The Dark Crystal’, ’Casualties Of War’ or ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’?

No Brent Spiner on ‘Supergirl’.

What’s a medieval turf maze?

What are sour oranges?

I’d eat iced poached oysters.

Patrick from ‘Hollyoaks’ was in the ‘Torn’ music video.

I hope those 4 giant tortoises are okay.

What is omelette curry?

‘Socrates: Genius Of The Ancient World’ Quotes:
“Rationally ordered.”

“Thought that writing was dangerous.”

“Imprisons knowledge.”

“Hanging around classical columns.”

“Territorial expansion.”

“Traditional moral thinking.”

“Malign influence.”

“Moral beauty.”

“Value systems.”

“Oath stone.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Enemy capital.”

“Indelibly antiquated.”

“Irredeemably retro.”

“Does not take criticism real.”

“For those who choose to co-habit, there should be consequences.”

“Authors of their own misfortune.”

“Maintaining order in the nation.”

“The only Pope to order the deaths of two other Popes and to father another.”

“An orgy so spectacular it was mentioned in the diplomatic archives of many European courts”

“Emotive modernity.”

“Change the law to any appreciable extent.”

“Unsuit them.”

“Rigorist view of morality.”

“Societal collusion.”

“Can leave a lasting and immovable impression.”

“Decries the loss of morality and values.”

“Their right to be recognised.”

“Good-humoured abuse.”

“Turn up in every Stephen King novel of the 1980s.”

“Educated rustics.”

“Folkloric wisdom.”

“Never slow in putting forth an unsolicited, long winded opinion before dying nobly,”

“Suffer quietly in their relationships.”

“Arranges for his removal.”

“Thinks itself very grown-up.”

“Plays out its confrontations.”


“Uncleared visit.”

“Reset prices in the new currency.”

“Waiting for the cash machines to be adjusted to the new currency.”

“There is no theoretical limit to the number or severity of crimes a president can commit,”

“Never relied on his good name to win votes.”

“Artificial obsolescence.”

“Hikes up their rears.”

“Guardians of anybody else’s perceived moral welfare.”



“Unagreed issues.”

‘RT’ Quote:
“Canabinoid addicted losers.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“Cheated me out of any future I might have had.”

“Swiss bank account ID card.”

“You are so awful.”

“Korean hooker you owed 4000 dollars.”

“Stop with the movie dialogue.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Persistent vandalism and theft.”

“Losses are not sustainable.”

“Desperately seeking affection one moment, rejecting it the next-”

“Only makes the news when kids throw bottles.”

“Sabotaged with shame.”

“Content polluters.”

“An emblem of power mocked and laid low.”

“Has spent far longer buried under the earth than above ground,”

“Extensively curated and carefully managed.”

“Some areas are no-go areas for social reasons.”

“Acquisition strategy.”

“Fallen into ruin.”

“Belonged to the faith,”

“Power of conformity.”

“Systematic terror.”

“Jealously guarded treasures.”

“Building blocks not only of our country’s history and culture.”


“Level of dedication to workplace productivity that verges on the dangerous.”

“Viewed on request.”

“Give-a-bloke-a-fair go.”

“Menopause cafes.”

“Living in a van in the office’s car park.”

“Resent the fact he had to eat food at all.”

“Anti-stranger instinct.”

“Live above that instinct.”

‘Bright We Burn’ Quotes:
“Deserved no place among her thoughts.”

“Desperate for the legitimacy it would give his questionable claim to the throne.”

“She had, after all, spent much of the previous year burning their cities. But if they had not wanted her to do that, they should have allied with her sooner.”

“City temptations.”

“Assured of their own importance.”

‘3News’ Quote:
“Stop excluding us from meeting like this.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Make public the social class of everyone who works for it.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Controlled access zone.”

“Great interest in the pope’s coming.”

‘Channel4 News’ Quote:
“Delicate public opinion.”

‘Red Dwarf’ Quote:
“It’s a moron convention.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Violent rages.”

“Losing the shared purpose and familial bonds.”

“Intense euphoria.”

“Fleeting cosmic connection.”

“Soul retrieval.”

“Trauma that has cascaded through generations.”

“Redemptive ending.”

“Legendary couture houses that were built around the cult of the designer’s personality.”

“Become relevant to the affluent middle classes.”

“Thoroughly miserable milieu.”

“Virtually unchanged in decades.”

“We are back to throwing rocks at each other and worshipping volcanoes.”

“Only rarely do moments or irretrievable change announce themselves as they happen.”

“Life here was still medieval.”

“The world it evoked as barely plausible.”

“A spectacularly destructive divorce involving a client who keeps colour-coded records of her former partner’s transgressions.”


“Illusionary sense of importance.”

“Stepped in villainy.”

“A common way at the time for fathers to get rid of their troublesome female offspring.”

“Mocking and uncomprehending.”

“Endure violence.”

“Sources of aggression.”

“All-consuming love.”

“Proprietorial language.”

“Sensory inferiority.”

“Ridiculously whimsical.”
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