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Kings Episode 7 Review


Gath asks Silas for help. Jack and David are sent on an undercover mission inside Gath. Jack's angry, incompetent and whiny. Meanwhile Michelle does something stupid, again. Also plague is loose in Shiloh. So the citizens are ordered to do an ambiguously similar ritual to Passover. Silas deduces the plague is a message from God that symbolises treachery. Silas uncovers Abner's treachery and promptly kills his former friend of 30 years. This was okay, poor Silas is all alone and Abner realised way too late that Silas hasn't gone soft at all.

Best Lines:
"I know the smell of omen."

"I would rather fall on my sword than lay it down."
"No. You fall on mine."

"The plague is gone and those infected gone with it."
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