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Book Reviews: Spoonbenders + Look For Me

Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory
From the author of the excellent ‘We Are All Completely Fine’ and ‘Harrison Squared’ comes this Did Not Finish book which is a bad tale of a discredited family of psychics. This was a profound disappointment as it told of total nutters. It was all complete nonsense and woefully inadequate and entirely irrelevant and miserable. This was an unbelievably bad tale of a chain of rotten luck. This was not compulsive reading and it had no narrative success.

Best Line:
“He gets angry easily.”

Look For Me by Lisa Gardner
The author really messes up with this totally appalling tale of a murdered family, girl gangs, bullying, abuse, slut shaming, foster care and othering of the autistic. This is a crap tale of dispossession in which coincidences are reliably frequent. This was not fulfilling.

Best Lines:

“A family that was never quite hers.”

“Keep him forever separate.”

“Don’t get sent there.”

“Never get caught alone.”

“I’m no gang bitch.”

“Feuding is actively encouraged.”

“Working a territory, defending a territory, seizing new territory.”

“A bunch of girls playing badass.”

“She used boys.”
“What else are they good for?”

“Some people are made for hating.”
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