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Movie Reviews: Holidays, part 1 + Goat

Holidays (2016), part 1
This horror anthology is not as good as ‘Trick R Treat’ or ‘Tales Of Halloween’. It’s about various holidays and is not trashy fabulous.

Valentine’s Day
Bullying bitches who can’t act harass a girl who fancies the diving coach. She’s pushed into the pool and has private anguish. There is nothing done about the bullying. This is obvious and unoriginal.

Best Line:
“Real Nicki Minaj sh*t.”

Goat (2016)
This is based on true events, allegedly. James Franco and Nick Jonas star in this tale of violence and machismo overload. This was drugs, performative sex, shirtlessness, talking, uncaring cops and violence. There is not a single tangible goal among the pack of vile frat boys. There is groping, drinking, smoking and there are barely any women in this film. The few who are in it do nothing. There is forced drinking, abject physical abuse, humiliation, threatened sexual abuse and mud wrestling. WTF was this? This tale of injustice and errant frat boys is terrible.

Best Lines:
“If you quit. What else is there?”

“This is not for you.”
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