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7 TV Reviews

Wormwood (2017) Chapter 1

Suicide Revealed
A boring documadrama about a death in 1953. Men in vests brood in a re-enactment. Then one man flies out a window and falls in slo-mo. Jimmi Simpson is in this, I think he stole Aaron Stanford’s career. The family of the man who died in 1953 want to know what happened. The dead man’s son babbles obsessively.

This was not particularly impressive and fails to gain traction. This looks fusty. One feels disdainful. There is talk about LSD experiments. This is not a cool speculative evaluation of or a chilling observation of the past. This is not fascinating or insightful. The son does sinister ravings in this deliriously boring overly stylised mess.

This is a true tale of great traumas and a deep and mysterious darkness. This is not even potentially tragic. This was godawful and of no social significance. This doesn’t rack up the tension. This is a visually drab and quite dull tale of bloody-minded obsession. No women seem to be in this. One can’t invest in this narrative. Are people crazed fantasists? Or do they have dignified indignation? Nobody cares. This was overhyped and underwhelming.

This was not a fiendishly complex tale of violations of decency. This exists for no discernable reason and it is appalling monotony. This is a tale of ugly craven reality and ignominy and melancholy. This is a ludicrously contrived dark and moody tale. There is talk of justice and righteousness. This was fundamentally terrible. It is not creative or complex. It is worse than useless. Irreparable damage has been done to this staid cheerless family. There is talk of a special operations group and bio-weapons. This is all contrivance.

MKUltra is mentioned. This was not a magnificent concoction. In a reconstructed scene people are dosed with truth serum in cordials. POTUS Ford is seen in old footage. There are lies and this does not ingratiate. People are unreasonable and had an adverse effect on other people.

Best Lines:
“He fell or jumped out the window.”

“The world stopped making sense.”

“They’ve got methods.”

“Symphony of hatred.”

“Germ bombs.”

“Keep track of the wife.”

“Uncurious family.”

“CIA atrocity.”

“Seeing the monkeys die.”

Traveler 1x02&1x03 Rewatch

The Retreat
Tyler and Jay reach the home of Tyler’s dad Carlton Fog. Carlton does no constructive change. The FBI has shrugged off Tyler and Jay having an ‘accomplice’ who helped them escape the van back in 1x01. The FBI tech support guy from 1x01 has vanished. Jay and Tyler have a hire car. Didn’t Tyler lose his bag in 1x01? Jay has flashbacks to him and Will 19 months ago. Will was frighteningly calculated. Did he fake all his emotional closeness to his BFFs? Did the imperturbable Will have any emotional allegiance to his ‘friends‘?

Why did Tyler’s dad cut him off? Tyler is whiny and aggrieved and does not evoke sympathy. Tyler doesn’t know how to be discreet. Tyler has a brother. Where is he? The okay title card debuts. There is exposition. Jay did ROTC? It is said Tyler did Chemical Engineering. But Will studied that. POTUS Shears was involved in the disgrace of both Tyler and Jay’s fathers. FBI guy (Steven Culp) makes leaps.

Brian Markinson of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ and William Sadler of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ guest start. The FBI harasses Kim. Where is Tyler’s mother? Tyler’s dad (Sadler) responds evasively. Tyler is full of tangible anger. There is acrimony and each hour brings new horrors and psychological distress for the duo. The plot has furious momentum.

Jay feels horror has intruded on his life. He’s obsessed with the stupid boring Kim. Tyler’s dad dictates the tone. There is no moral filter. Jay has touching stoicism. There is no forthrightness. Tyler seems on the edge of nervous hysteria. Tyler’s dad has regal distain. The FBI has a furious response to Jay and Tyler. A crisis manager (Markinson) lurks. Jay and Tyler realise that Will did devastating manipulation of them and knew how to manipulate their inner leverages with his mumbling charisma.

Jay is not well pleased. Tyler and Jay are given polygraphs. They are grievously isolated. The FBI has disgracefully inaccurate opinions of Jay and Tyler. There is beastliness and bad decisions. Tyler is in a constant state of uselessness. Boring Kim goes in for an FBI interview with no lawyer. The FBI agents (Culp and Viola Davis of ‘Widows’) are killjoy foes.

Did Will ‘study’ while at Yale? How did he fake being a Grad Student? Did he ever actually go to his Chemical Engineering classes? Who paid for him to attend Yale? Where did his transcripts come from? Jay has strong opinions. This was compelling and fascinating if frustrating. Jay and Tyler know Will set them up for this grim fate. It is mentioned in a throwaway remark that Will knew Jay’s dad. Jay does not inquire further.

Kim is a photographer and works in an art gallery. Did she attend Yale? If not, how did she and Jay meet? Jay has aggression and contempt. Kim has smug assumptions and a nagging sense of resentment. Jay and Tyler have uncertainty and hope. Jay’s memories of Will are not especially fond now. There is chagrin and the boring Kim does not realise the terrifying extent of her vulnerability. Will did a sophisticated intricate frame up and he is incredibly hard to trace.

Tyler’s dad urges them to be self-protective. The duo face very tough choices during the total crisis. People judge the duo harshly. Jay has restless anxiety. The crisis meeting goes awry. There are critical comments. Will has had a really negative effect on the duo. Jay has vaguely obsessive devotion to Kim, there is feverish desperation. The FBI are the voices of enmity.

The duo face maligning and damaging information and coruscating dialogue in a poisonous brew of hostility and intemperance. Jay has moral certainty and is kind of a jerk. The duo are sorely traduced and face ruin, destruction and contempt. Will was deadly effective. Jay has sour disappointment. Kim has terrible judgement. Jay has petulance and imperiousness. FBI guy has a stare made from rage and bile. Jay does not have fierce courage, grit and integrity amidst the vilification. This has a taut pace.

The duo face accumulating problems. Nobody is patient, calm or reasonable. Tyler always has a petulant expression on his face. Things get even more fractious. What kind of off kilter intigue was nasty sort Will engaged in? Jay is weirdly aggressive. A lot of people turn out to be kind of awful as a person. There is death and the grim scenario gets worse as the duo are pursued vigorously. There are grave errors in judgement and the dark experience gets worse with furious momentum.

Will faked having a generous spirit and good nature. In flashbacks we never see Will, Tyler or Jay being studious. How much has been prearranged? Jay gets suspicious. There is a fist fight and Tyler is wretchedly unhappy and tries to be tough. The duo run. POTUS Shears calls Jay and Tyler public enemies on TV. People have flip phones.

Best Lines:
“Still no mention of Will.”

“I will always own you.”

“Credit cards paid for it.”

“My father built this place in the 80s after his troubles. It’s got everything you need to survive a national manhunt. Or a messy divorce.”

“Your friend’s proving elusive.”

“There’s no listing for Will Traveler in all of Maine.”

“I think my best friend turned out to be an enemy of the state.”

“Did you ever help Will Traveler handle explosives?”

“Will Traveler, who doesn’t seem to exist?”

“Did Will ever mention he had military training?”

“Quiet the hell down!”

“I looked into Will Traveler.”

“The unsettling events of yesterday.”

“Your father is the least of your worries.”

New Haven
Carlton Fog pontificates. Who killed the crisis manager? Jay browses a flea market. Jay and Tyler have disturbing distain for each other. Jay is indomitable. Tyler cuts his hair. Tyler has no emotional resources. Jay decides to go back to Yale to find evidence of Will’s existence. Jay has stolen a car before. Why did ‘they’ want the Drexler museum destroyed?

Tyler is anxious and fearful. Jay wants to find Will’s belongings. Kim is under heavy pressure from the media’s intimidating behaviour. She’s fired from her job. Tyler and Jay face popular hostility. Their lives have been reshaped irrevocably. They’re struggling to adjust to the new reality. The inescapable conclusion is that Will is a deceitful nasty bastard. There are more cold realisations. Will was a negative influence and the duo knows surprisingly little about him.

Tyler’s ex lurks (she was on 'Grimm'). Things are inherently wrong. Jay and Tyler are forcibly bonded. An AFI agent pervs over female grad students. There are intriguing twists, pulp madness and a frighteningly specific frame job. What kind of conspiracy has nothing better to do than make 2 innocent Grad Students pawns in their game?

Kim has photos developed and one is of Will Traveler. Will practised a gross deception. Tyler didn’t like Yale and is rude and dismissive of his ex. Tyler and Jay travel freely and boldly, odd for America’s most wanted. Tyler has a flashback to seeing Will in the library 4 months ago. Tyler did an investment class. Jay burns planted evidence. Tyler and Jay check out an office in the cross campus library. Is Tyler’s ex really deeply ethical?

Why didn’t the FBI question the college kids before now? What’ll become of Tyler’s ex Nell? Why did Will give Nell the creeps? Nobody hears Jay kicking a library door down? If it’s summer than why is the library open and why are students there? If they’ve graduated why did they leave stuff behind? Why didn’t Will wipe his footprint off the desk? Will left money, a train schedule and a huge gun in the library office.

Jay and Tyler flee from the FBI into the steam tunnels. Why did Jay use to do in the steam tunnels? He used to break into the library? Why? Why wasn’t Jay talking about sitting his bar exam in 1x01? The duo decide to head to what Will claimed was his home town. The final scene shows that Will Traveler isn’t dead and that he stole a painting from the Drexler. This was very good.

Best Lines:
“Only place to find hard evidence Will ever existed.”

“I’m impressed Jay.”
“Don’t be.”

“Prove he existed.”

“I know he’s your friend and all but he’s kind of always giving me the creeps.”

“Stash point.”

“We don’t walk around with bad dye jobs and haircuts that make us look like criminals!”

Fear The Walking Dead 1x02

So Close, Yet So Far
This ep is an utter failure. The family have no infallible virtue and lack fundamental courtesy. The mother, Madison, is incapable of evidence based arguments. A profound shift in society is about to happen. Cultural norms break down. What caused this? Nick the junkie is overtly offensive. The zombie apocalypse is happening completely unnoticed. There is indecisiveness and this is all irrelevance.

This was not hugely promising. This has genuinely interesting ideas but does nothing with them. This isn’t deeply scary or remotely credible. Tensions don’t mount. Chris has acute disgust for his father Travis. His ex has aggression and contempt and a complete inability or unwillingness to listen. Anticipation levels are not running high. Madison obsesses over Nick and his cold turkey. This was not magnificently successful.

Let Nick suffer. Nobody cares. The continuing emphasis on Nick the junkie bores. Madison steals drugs. Tobias, one of her students is an interesting character, I’m sure we’ll never see him again. SJWS cause trouble. Things trump reason and balance. This ep was not a manageable challenge. Chris is no co-operative. Nick’s well-being automatically takes priority over all others. This has no authenticity.

Best Lines:
“A catastrophe of biblical proportions.”

“No one’s talking about this.”

“Get far way from what’s outside.”

“When civilization ends. It ends fast.”

Star Trek 3x03

The Paradise Syndrome
The captain, first officer and chief medical officer always go on away teams with no security. The trio find a mysterious race on a planet. An asteroid is on collision course with the planet. A tribe of Native American lives on the planet. They were placed on the planet by aliens. Kirk expresses a desire to live among the Native Americans. Kirk falls down a shaft and makes gurning faces and overacts. He ends up with amnesia and living among the Native Americans who think he is their god. McCoy is a jerk.

Kirk does a bizarre form of CPR on a child and is given a medicine bag as a reward. There is bad acting and Kirk wears his uniform as he hangs out with the Native Americans. They seem to know their tribe was brought to their planet from another. The secret of how to use the temple aka obelisk is lost. Scottie uses the phrase star-drive. McCoy rages and bores.

Kirk is happy and frolics with his woman who he impregnates. How many opps babies does the man have? Has he never heard of a vasectomy? Kirk teaches the tribe irrigation and lamps and preservation. There is a big red curtain in Spock’s quarters. Spock cracks the secret of the obelisk and talks about the Preservers who rescue primitive cultures and seed them across the galaxy.

Though the Preservers were mentioned or hinted at in other eps and in novels, they never got much attention. The tribe turn on Kirk and his woman and chuck rocks at them. The obelisk is an asteroid deflector. Kirk and McCoy violate First Contact directives. Kirk’s woman and her unborn child die despite the miracle of UFP medicine. Spock uses the phrase Vulcan mind fusion and calls Kirk an extremely dynamic individual. This sucked hard. The acting (Shatner's most of all) SUCKED.

Best Lines:
“Surpassing or equalling our own.”

“Brought us here from far away.”

“Confuse and frighten them.”

“Wise ones who planted us here.”

“He will move no more.”

“You are no god!”

“Effect rescue.”

“I bear your child.”

“A god who bleeds.”

Krypton (2018-2019) 1x01

The laddish Seg-El annoys. He is rankless and the grandfather of Kal-El aka Superman. Seg-El is annoying and he loves Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell). His parents (Paula Malcomson and Rupert Graves) brood over their family’s disgrace. They put up with the abominable constant irritation Seg. The Zod family are far more interesting, I'm sure they'll go bad to make Seg look better.

There is a shot of Kandor City. Is this taking place in Kandor City? Lyta-Zod is stabbed by her mother Jayna-Zod who heads up the city’s militia. The Military Guild and the Lawmakers Guild are seen. People babble about Black Zero but never explain what it is. Apparently Brianiac is coming to eat Krypton and then everything else. Oh boo!

Some beardy twit runs the city and disgraced the House Of El. Seg has self-possession. In the future Kal-El will idealise Krypton. It’s a terrible place. Seg-El is betrothed to beardy twit’s daughter Nyssa-Vex and they will have to have a son. This is okay whimsy if not a heartfelt take on the mythic conventions.

Seg has a ‘loveable’ bartender sidekick. Some masked guy rules and even beardy guy has to answer to him. Seg is relentlessly annoying and causes immediate fury. Seg shags Lyta-Zod. Who is the Voice Of Rao and why does he rule? Adam Strange has time-travelled from Earth to save the future and Superman. Rao wields ultimate and total power. Adam Strange babbles about the Fortress and Superman.

This is 200 years before Superman. Adam Strange talks about saving Superman but does not tell Seg-El his planet will be destroyed. Seg’s dad casts ill-looks. What is the Genesis Chamber? Significant questions are raised. Nyssa-Vex looks like Katy Perry. Seg will get his rank back but has to change his name and work in the Science Guild. Lyta (Campbell of ‘Murdered By My Boyfriend’) broods under the red sun.

Evil and cruel things are done. There are ignoble actions. Seg sees his grandfather’s Fortress Of Solitude. The classic ‘Superman’ theme plays. What Seg and Lyta do not know is that their mothers are friends and well aware of what their children get up to. Seg’s parents die. People want the Fortress. Seg is an arse even as he broods and has strident tantrums. Why does Adam Strange have Superman’s cape? Who is threatening the future? What happened to Superman? People are bad with impunity and the House Of Zod are far more interesting than Seg and Adam Strange. More Zods! I’ll stick with this.

Best Lines:
“Put more shame on the family.”

“Ask for mercy.”

“In noble servitude to his reverence.”

“Sound health and good character.”

“You’re not completely repellent.”

“Death is not the only thing the Council can threaten you with and certainly not the worst.”

“Very large, very corrupt government officials.”

“Erased its future.”

“You handle the other moron.”

“One of them again.”

“We never ask for mercy. And we never give it.”

Insatiable 1x06

Dunk ‘N’ Donut
Patty wasn’t baptised so she has to be in order to compete in Miss Magic Jesus. Bob is to be her godfather. Magnolia bullies Patty and is a bitch. Christian’s dad is the pastor. This is an abject failure. Patty is aggressively defiant. This is bland and charmless and there is cowardly malice. Bob wants to protect his reputation in the widespread community. Christian is presumptuous and diabolically evil. He has no doe eyed charm. There is surly silence. Brick’s staggeringly rude. Evil Bob lurks. Nobody has matchless dignity. Nobody is the epitome of human decency and grace. This show has had a drastic decline. There are no realistic solutions. Patty’s slut mother does clearly unacceptable things. This was not dark and compelling. Nonnie rages. Brick’s awful. There is no wide-eyed vulnerability. Magnolia is evil. Patty’s awful and dumps Brick to shag Christian.

Best Lines:
“Screw you and your hole!”

“Penetration shot.”

“Sex date.”

“I’ve nobody to plot with.”

“Drinking or drugging.”

“They’re all, like, old.”

“The kind of fun that lands you in jail.”

“Penetrate him! Penetrate him!”

Afflicted (2018) 1x01-1x05

Toxic World
This is a documentary series about various people with chronic illness. Carmen claims to be allergic to wifi and cellphones. She babbles about filters for dirty electricity. Jamison has spent 2 years in his room and talks via an app and is on about pain and spends all day in bed. He has a nurse to care for him. He can’t eat, bathe or toilet without help. He says he has ME. A crazy hippy wears a gas mask in public and claims she has chronic mould sensitivity. They treat themselves with quack therapies. Carmen plays to move to a Radio Quiet Zone. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Sleep within bedding made of lead.”

“I’m like a medical refugee.”

The chronically ill have families who doubt them. Star claims she has many auto-immune diseases and needs injections to make her liver work. The mould sensitivity woman and her boyfriend live in the desert to avoid mould. She rubs a magnet over herself. Mould woman’s brother visits her and is literally hosed down before he is allowed to be near her. ME guy lies in bed wearing sunglasses and with a face cloth on his head grunting at a doctor. This was irritating.

Best Line:
“Nasty old Boston.”

Managing their chronic illness has become their occupation and identity and they’re not willing to be cured. A man twitches and claims to have Lyme Disease. He says he had a breakdown in an airport whilst enroute to get his TV show ‘Final Space’ made. Now he can’t form a sentence and cries. A woman babbles science is suppressed. Star is told she has Lyme Disease and that she will be treated with ultrasound and that she’ll pee out the bugs. ME guy claims he has DVT and demands to be taken to urgent care. This is frustrating.

Best Lines:
“The life I had before is gone.”

“Viruses live on chemicals.”

The Mind
Pilar claims to have multiple chemical sensitivity and be allergic to life. She can only wear 100% organic cotton and eat pure clean food. She can’t tolerate tap water, metals and moulds. She lives in isolation and only leaves her apartment for her self-created treatment (infrared saunas to sweat out toxins). How does she afford an apartment? She’s running out of money. She has a PEMF mat. Mould woman’s boyfriend goes back to Harvard Divinity School.

Lyme Disease guy admits he has anxiety but won’t treat it. Mould girl has obvious mental health issues and tattoos on her face and she goes on about the Western Blot and stem cells. Pilar used to be a starlet and won’t take anti-depressants. She blames a natural gas leak for her ills. Pilar and her husband haven’t lived together for 2 years. Mainstream medicine is rejected. Bed-bound ME guy has no muscle atrophy for someone who’s been bed-bound for 2 years. They’re all in isolation ruts. FFS.

Best Line:
“Detox pathways.”

“Not a poor man’s diease. Turns people poor.”

“Is not believed by medical doctors.”

“Caregiving in the desert.”

“I can tolerate this water.”

“Control my environment.”

“Windows are never opened.”

“What was and what will be.”

“Can’t diagnose, treat or prescribe.”


“Western medicine has failed me.”

“She wasn’t trusted.”

The Cost
Is Star still drinking wine every minute? Mould is blamed for a lot as is metal toxicity and microtoxins. Jill is a therapist who shoots up antigens a lot and saunas to bake out toxins. Pilar is awful and demanding to her husband. Star’s husband Bo spent 2 and half million dollars on his wife’s woo-woo. Jill’s partner has to remodel and gut her house due to Jill’s wailing about invisible particles. This costs her more than $90,000. They’ve ripped out the mantle and bookcases. WHY? The house is ruined and they have no money. Pilar’s milked $200,000 out of her husband. All his friends a his father think he should leave Pilar. Star shoves ozone up her nose. Pilar only eats cauliflower and turkey and seems to have untreated OCD. Her husband is an Uber driver and Pilar wants him gone. These are selfish people.

Best Lines:
“Regular grout.”

"I don't have pity for your wife."

"She's ruining him."

"Can't force me to love him back."
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