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Stargate: Continuum (2008) Review

Ba'al the last System Lord is to be executed. SG1 +Jack show up to gloat.
Carter for some reason isn't at Atlantis. Somehow Ba'al timetravels back to
1939 to change Earth's history so the Stargate programme never happens. Cam,
Sam and Daniel end up in this AU world where everyone is angry and shouts a
lot. A year passes and Ba'al shows up to invade. SG1 head off to stop him.

This was boring as hell. Jack was a jerk, Apophis showed up again, there
were continuity winks with Hayes, Cronos, Hammond, Camulus and Qetesh. but
there were plot howlers like: Ba'al has a satellite phone, the vanishing
Russian solider and no mention of what happened to Mitchell. And don't get
me started on the team's callous indifference to Ba'al unfortunate host. 
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