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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Afflicted’ trailer

Best Line:
“Society has just abandoned us.”

‘Upstart Crow’ promo
It’s back.

‘Red Dwarf XI’ opening credits
They’re fat and old.

‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ TV spot
Hell no.

‘Krypton’ promo
Lads lads laddy lads.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ promo
Things fall apart.

‘Hollyoaks’ promo
Mercedes is in Magaluf. Who is Ross Owen? The McQueens party. Why? Do TPTB not realise Mercedes has had the exact same plot for years? People want to see James.

Best Lines:
“Get bored of him like you did the last time.”

“You’re not trash.”

‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ TV spot
“Fake spy friendship!”

Goat’s cheese and grated apple - yum.
Aero Creations Mousse - okay.

There are bamboo toothbrushes?

I’d try rosebud fizz.

‘GLOW’ renewed!

Who saw ‘Prince Of Egypt’ or ‘The Browning Version’ (1994)?

What are Nano Gardening, hair masks, tobesity or eyebrow wigs?

I want to go to the Kiraly baths.

‘Terminator Genisys’ Quotes:
“I will be everywhere.”

“You’re nothing but a relic from a deleted timeline.“

“My existence is inevitable.“

‘DenOfGeek’ Quotes:
“Made heroes out of a generation of teenage dropouts that every parent was warning their kids never to become.”

“Pushing the boundaries of television decency.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Establishment cartel.”

“State carelessness.”

“In readiness for his demise.”

“Socially focused.”

“Consequences will be bleak.”

“Predictor of human wants.”

“The art was long forgotten.”

“Reinforced our proud sense of who we are.”

“Derelict pool.”

“Last-legs kitchen equipment.”

“Understandably devastated when her husband broadcasts a deeply unflattering version of their family life to a large readership.”

“Silences that stand in the way of their reconciliation.”

“Married and married.”

“Long-gone wife.”

“No reputable publisher would touch it.”

“His duties would include being punched in the face by Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, having a flower pot flung at his head by David Bowie and deliberately insulting Patti Smith so egregiously at a press conference that she chucked a sandwich platter at him.”

“Endless amassing?”

“View coupledom as a higher state of being.”

“Calloused hobos, neither desirous nor deserving of comfort.”

“Blunt cultural assumption.”

“Indicative of deep failure.”

“A difficult in expressing their plight.”

“Say ‘I had no idea that Afghanistan had trees‘, because all they see is the US helicopter and dust everywhere. They envisage Afghanistan as this barren desert with mountains.”

“Shaming sites.”

“Simply gloating.”

“The curtains of the neighbours had started twitching.”

“Became more and more suspicious.”

“A normal person just doesn’t have this stuff.”

“Chatroom bravado.”

“Unhardened criminal.”

“Rough kids living on the estate.”

“Carefully catalogued evidence.”

“Blinking hard in disbelief.”

“We are only beginning to comprehend the world they are making.”

“Hard-wired to belong, to take responsibility for others.”

“Escape her life.”

“Time vampire.”

“Bitch with no personal life.”

“The burden of getting it all done and the injustice of being responsible for everything.”

“Has the sickening realisation that she has no friends.”

“Write to demand.”


“Try to define themselves via people they hung out with or dated.”

“Elite little circle.”

“Did not heed those warnings.”

‘Segregated America: A School In The South’ Quotes:
“High poverty index school.”

“Failure factories.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Demanded her expulsion.”

“One of the most feared orders in the serious drinker’s lexicon.”

“Does it actually mean he’s barred for the rest of his life?”
“It depends on which of us dies first.”

“So notorious for cliques and vicious feuds.”

“Wrest control of an establishment back from the customers.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“An explanation that was neither reasonable nor acceptable.”

‘Cuckoo’ Quotes:
“Not to be used for murder.”

“Fork punches.”

‘Red Dwarf’ Quotes:
“Big captiany chair with a flip across picnic tray.”

“The lame stations!”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A known meth house.”

“Get involved in our lives.”

“Pulls out the victim card.”

“She’s looking for a better family.”
“And she’s happy without us.”

“They’re not chosen.”

“Energy of defeat.”

“Creates false narratives.”

“Offended her somehow.”

“Stole my step dad’s car.”

“Creates these paranoid conspiracy theories.”

“She’s not grateful?”

“This is her vindication party.”

“Nobody helped me.”

“Constant judgement.”

“Arrested in front of a meth house.”

“Avoid confrontation.”

“Why are you not allowed to raise them?”

“Doesn’t sound rational.”

“Everything is a sarcastic putdown.”

“Stop taking away my thunder.”

“Problem recognition.”

“Star in her own life again.”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quote:
“Mr Forever.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“Corridors were littered with cockroaches, blood and vomit.”

“Glorify the past.”

“Perform your personality.”

“Tired homilies.”

“Poison-gas-emitting crater.”

“Visual carnation.”

“Vulgar and horrid.”

“When did you last really enjoy her company.”

“Extraordinary critical.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“Foul ball Fred.”

“Whining punk.”

“Do you want any fagging done?”

‘Supernatural’ Quotes:
“Think Hannibal Lecter and his half-wit little brother.”

“Satan worshipping nutbag killers!”

“Your daddy brainwashed you with all that devil talk and no doubt touched you in a bad place.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Hiker rescued from mountain after being hit by a falling sheep.”
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