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Movie Review: Ten: Murder Island (2017)

A lot of no-names star in this adaptation of the Gretchen McNeil book. People go to a remote house for a party/hedonistic pleasures/orgiastic licentiousness. The heroine, Meg, has a sense of resentment. There is bad ADR and a complete distain for sense or logic. What the partygoers don’t know is they’ve been brought the house for grim revenge. There is mumbling and a creepy dv-r. This is an updating of an Agatha Christie classic. Sadly it’s marred by stupidity and bad acting.

Meg the heroine has an irritating friend Minnie who is on meds. These teens aren’t nice, generous or thoughtful. Minnie is disingenuous, delusion and emotionally unhealthy. They’re all connected in some way to the bullied Claire who took her own life months ago. This is absurdly OTT. Minnie acts erratically. This has no extreme potential. The 2012 book was better. This has grandiose ambition but it doesn’t arouse immediate satisfaction. This was artlessly executed.

TJ is the hero. The characters are unhelpful, beyond horrific jerks. You don’t particularly like these people or care that they’re being murdered one by one by one. This causes no giddy excitement. A paranoid streak kicks in. This lacks credibility and has a wholesale dismissal of sense. Minnie doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about Meg. This has no sly wit and is not a dissection of the grimly hierarchal nature of high school.

Claire got no social acceptance in the 3 high schools she attended. This was nonsensical. Meg is a dumb bitch who is dismissed by the stupid Minnie who has a significant emotional instability. Meg is trapped by reasonability for the raging Minnie who is unbelievably unseemly. The mercurial idiots are wretched and deserve all they get. There is sustained duplicity and I’m tired to satiety of this ill-advised crap. The continuing and relentless campaign of revenge comes to a stupid ending.

Best Lines:
“I’m pretty sure you’ve some idea why.”

“You liars.”

“I lost the solo and she got it.”

“Choking on her lies.”

“You’re a good friend to her.”
“Am I?”

“Why is this happening to me again?”

“Finally I belong to something.”

“Suck up.”

“Calm your ass down!”

“All your dead friends!”

“Your entire existence is just one giant mistake!”

“You don’t matter to us!”

“How can she not be coming? Isn’t this her house?”
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