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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Blackkkklansman’ TV spot

‘The Romanoffs’ trailer
People in the modern day believe they’re descended from the Russian imperial family. No.

Gluten free chicken fajitas - okay.
Gluten free turkey meatzza - okay.
Elderflower Rose Presse - nice.
Gluten free pitta bread - yum.

I hope to review ‘Killing Eve’.

I’d try beef dripping chips.

Who read ‘The Cement Garden’?

My ‘Sherlock’ fanfic and my ’Firefly’ review lost with PC.

Recall ‘Hangin’ With Mr Cooper’ or ‘Men In Trees’ or ‘Army Wives’?

What is nutella coffee?

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Clinical harm.”

“Bring the mostly confined Chela coffee, water, diet cola, pills and Bols liqueur all arranged carefully on a tray.”

“Unacceptable situation.”

“Culture of governance.”

“Passage of time can affect people’s loyalties.”

“May no longer be loving or a partner.”

“May not fear or need him now.”

“Wandering in and out of each other’s movies.”

“Ill-defined past.”

“No serious consequences.”

“Old enmities resurfaced.”

“Couldn’t believe people wasted garden space on ornamental shrubs.”

“Everyone always expects the worst from her.”

“Isn’t it a bit weird that she wasn’t thrown out after two or three days for bullying? Or trying to murder one of the teachers?”

“Long-held suspicions about how much or how little, her mother loved her.”

“Socialised to always be polite and not to be too demanding or to “cause a scene”,”

“Food appropriation.”

“King actors.”

“Marries a nice girl he met on the train.”

“Whirlwinds of choice.”

“Become so eaten up with its history that the future would forever be different versions of the past.”

“Insisted on being in cash before going on stage.”

“Criminally liable conspiracy.”

“Adding commentary and calling it context.”

“Don’t like to make a drama about it,”

“He’s fine when he’s not angry,”

“Lead certain high-ranking men to the pit of the damned. Yes, they will answer for it in hellfire.”

“Unused and unloved buildings.”

“To ask whether they had a valid case to sue their school for damages on the basis that the teacher did not cover the topic in class.”

“Confrontation adverse.”

“In circumstances never fully explained.”

“All the sense of a half chewed Twix.”

“Define by men.”

“Convinced that if anyone suspected we owned such a luxury item, we were bound to be burgled if not killed for it.”

“Cultural weight.”

“The nightmare stretching out in front of them and of generations to come.”

‘For The Love Of Spock’ Quotes:
“Very giving of approval.”

“Gay anguish.”

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quote:
“People get killed for a subway token in this town.”

‘3News’ Quote:
“Manufactured crisis.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Demanding their destruction on the basis that they were inauthentic.”


“The need of a nation.”

“Took exception to the doorman’s attitude.”


“Contentious assertion.”

“Yacht rock.”

“Any museum that refuses to display, lend or dispose of a public work of art should have it confiscated.”

“Enforcing our presence on others long after our departure.”

“Stepping out with shopgirls on the sly.”

“Regarded herself as his intended.”

“The terrible omen is obvious.”

“Yammering in holes.”

“Self-abasing nudity.”

“Her career was subsequently derailed when a former boyfriend beheaded her stepfather.”

“Unbearably optimistic.”

“Hard men meet other hard men under circumstances of high stress, personal danger.”

“Claimed the review constitutes libel.”

‘Spoonbenders’ Quotes:
“The man’s football-hero good looks had been swallowed by age and carbohydrates.”

“Both married better than we deserved.”

“How had he lost all control of his house?”

“Do not install the internet!”


“This son of a bitch is your uncle? I hope to god you’re adopted.”

“Street tax.”

“She’s married.”
“Not wisely, and not well.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quote:
“Just salmonella and despair.”

“Real crisis for her career.”

“A commodity of fluctuating value.”

“Whose sexual attentions she has no choice but to endure."

“Her own volatile worth.”

“The past did not die just because we wanted it to.”

“Produces more and more about less and less.”

“Remain property, even in death.”

“Leave piles of defunct tech in their wake.”

“Image-hosting sites which are now obsolete.”

“He had stayed silent for almost 20 years.”

“Unwelcome endorsement.”

“Furious at the male attention she’s desperate to repel.”

“Without ever being assisted.”

“Social discovery.”

‘The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade’ Quote:
“Jobless, futureless.”

‘Terminator Genisys’ Quote:
“Exiles in time.”
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