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Book Reviews: Give Me Your Hand + A Demon In Silver

Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott
From the author of ‘You Will Know Me’, ‘The Fever’, ‘Dare Me’ and ‘The End Of Everything’ comes this tale of a broken friendship, secrets, perilous workplace rivalry and a woman who regards everyone with intense suspicion. One had huge expectations for this but it was boring. You don’t care about the character’s emotional worries or relentless self importance. I don’t care about a certain character’s capability and intent. One needs forbearance to finish this. It is way too similar to the movie ‘Thoroughbreds’.

Best Lines:
“The truth can’t be poison.”

“What has gone wrong in my life.”

“I want people like you banished from my world.”

A Demon In Silver: Book One Of War Of The Archons by R.S. Ford
This is a badly written terrible fantasy novel. How did this get off the slush pile?
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