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Veronica Mars Season 1 Eps 20, 21 & 22 Reviewed


Carmen is being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend Tad. It seems Tab filmed Carmen engaging in some trashy hot tub antics. Veronica decides to help Carmen in-between sticking her tongue down Logan’s throat.

Did Logan ever apologise for his behaviour? Did Veronica ever apologise for her’s? Does Keith ever wonder if his horrible parenting skills are the reason why Veronica has no substance? Does Veronica care that Duncan ran away because of her? Does she care that Alicia’s job is threatened due to her illegal antics?

Veronica uses her ‘friends’ into helping her set up an elaborate revenge ploy on Tab. Carmen ultimately decides not to unleash vengeance upon Tad. Veronica realises Carmen’s hot tub antics took place at Shelly’s party and starts thinking about the party fro the first time since the pilot episode. She learns Logan was doling out party favours at the party and stands him up.

This was kind of dull and the whole revenge ploy on Tad was just uncomfortable.

A Trip to the Dentist

Keith smugly locates Duncan in Cuba. Veronica rants, treats people like trash and lies as she finally does something about the events of the party. As she questions old faces from previous eps, the events of Shelly’s party become clear. Namely that Dick is scum (and he remained scum to the very end of season 3), Madison graffitied Veronica’s car and that a drugged Veronica was skanked out at Shelly’s party.

So basically Veronica was fed drinks, used as a salt lick by Logan, made out with various people and people stood around watching and being vile. Of course the events of this ep were retconned in late season 2. Veronica learns she slept with Duncan at the party. He yells at her and she acts badly. Seriously her acting is appalling.

Veronica learns Madison gave her the drugged drink which Dick gave her. Veronica being Veronica naturally blames Madison overlooking the fact that Dick was trying to drug his girlfriend. Veronica being Veronica also overlooks Logan’s behaviour including the fact he drugged Duncan.

Alicia yells at Keith about Veronica’s behaviour, Keith as ever does nothing about it. Probably because he is still obsessed with Abel and being a life ruiner. Veronica does a runner on Logan again after finding a hidden camera and runs home to find Lianne has returned home.

This was not good. The bad acting, Logan being emo, Veronica overlooking Logan and Dick’s behaviour and why did nobody mention any of the party events before now?

Best Lines:
You wrote slut on my car last year at Shelly’s party, why?”
“Because whore had too many letters.”

Leave it to Beaver

Keith talks a reporter into publishing a story about all the new evidence in the Lilly Kane case. The Kane’s tell Duncan that he killed Lilly and then Beaver tells Veronica that Logan killed Lilly.

Keith learns that he is indeed Veronica’s dad and they celebrate the paternity test results. Veronica lies, doesn’t apologise to Duncan and breaks into the Kane house. She and Duncan explore the air vent where Lilly hid things. Lilly just doesn’t come across well in this ep, TPTB paint her as a slut who loved to upset her mother and got killed for being a slut. Charming.

The killer is revealed. Weevil thinking Logan killed Lilly attacks him. There is an OTT, overly drawn out climax where Veronica, Keith and the killer go head to head. It’s ludicrous and badly acted.

Anyway the killer’s arrested, Jake Kane is arrested and Duncan glares at Veronica the life ruiner. So Veronica solved the murder but is she happy? Is everything fixed? Well no, Veronica goes home and throws her mother out. Lianne checked out of rehab early and relapsed. Veronica won’t forgive Lianne’s lapse and weeps over her college money. Nobody forced her to pay for Lianne’s rehab.

So Lianne’s ordered out and in her last act steals the cheque for $50,000 Keith got for finding Duncan. How she can cash that if her name isn’t on it isn’t explained. I don’t actually blame Lianne, who is Veronica to throw her mother out? Why was Celeste’s threatening of Lianne suddenly forgotten? Why was Lianne never seen again after this? Why did Lamb listen to Veronica and arrest Logan seeing as last time she made accusations he laughed in her face?

Veronica has a dream of her and Lilly in a swimming pool full of lilies. Veronica thinks all will be well now. Well no, because then seasons 2 and 3 happened.

This wasn’t good, TPTB could create interesting mysteries but the resolution of them was always problematical. Seasons 2 and 3 just reinforced this. The build up was better than the pay off.
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