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Buffy #27 + Angel #24 Reviewed

Angel Issue 24

Let’s be honest, the post ‘After The Fall’ storyline reeks. But finally after four unreadable issues it finally picks up. This wonderfully drawn issue focuses on Drusilla and her time in a mental hospital. Why is she there? Who is behind it? Why does nobody notice that she doesn’t breathe, eat or need bathroom breaks? This is a fantastically good, wonderfully gothic story. And best of all it’s written by Drusilla herself, or rather actress Juliet Landau. This is the best ‘Angel’ has been in some time.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue 27

Retreat Part 2

Buffy’s slow season 8 slowly moves on. Buffy and her gang are now hiding out in Tibet. They’ve invited themselves to stay with Oz, so he and his monk buddies will help them to make themselves less magical. Meanwhile Twilight finally shows up to be menacing again. Where has Twilight been lately? Tweeting?

Anyway Willow sulks over Oz having a girlfriend and a baby and Buffy makes decisions on everyone’s behalf yet again. Twilight makes grand pronouncements while Warren, Amy and Riley hang around being all miniony. This was okay, is season 8 ever going to go anywhere? It’s been bitty and of variable quality.
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