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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

Tell Me A Story’ trailer
A new take on fairy tales. No.

‘Rumpole Of The Bailey’ opening credits

‘The OC’ is 15 years old.

What is meat free chorizo or plant based mince?

I miss the Chicago Pizza Pie Factory.

My ‘Dog Soldiers’ and ‘The Hunt For Red October’ fanfic lost with PC!

‘Shogun’ to be rebooted.

A ‘Supergirl’ movie?

Recall ‘Drop The Dead Donkey’ or ‘Round The Twist’?

DVD-Rs and scart leads are considered defunct?

Who saw ‘Torch Song Trilogy’?

Recall ‘Smash Hits’?

Batwoman has been cast. Mmmm.

What is a fried slice?

‘Daily Mail’ Quotes:
“Forced to do commercial films.”

“Lies in my own behaviour.”

“Stands decrepit and unkempt.”

‘Rumpole Of The Bailey’ Quotes:
“All acne and lavatory jokes.”

“Second only in horror.”

“Unavailable knee trembler.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Shook his fist in my face.”

“Shout, fight or bother people.”

“Wear no clothes on the street.”

“Prone to serious break-ins.”

“Want nothing, but nothing, to change.”

“Claiming as his due.”

“Decided not to have anything more to do with him.”

“Pressure from the expectations.”

“Acquaint themselves with soap and water.”

“Tabloid mythology.”


“Being hurt and ignored.”

“Sexual hostility.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Lost his legal identity.”

“Moral responsibility.”

“Endangered Kerry slug.”

‘Pandemic’ Quotes:
“Designated route.”

“You have seen Level 5’s.”

“Starving and scared.”

“Quarantine A.”

“No. Not for us.”

“You stop moving.”

“There aren’t many left alive.”

“Put that down. I’ll say a lot more.”

“It’s barricaded from the inside.”

“Lock the doors and wait it out.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Gordon Ramsey accused Robuchon of once throwing a plate of langoustine ravioli at him for not cooking it properly.”

“Dark, underground and secret.”

“Local cultural sensitivities.”

“Evil act.”

“Cultural and societal barriers.”

“Very shouty, bellowing in your face, saying incoherent things.”

“Void marriage.”

“Self-righting tendency.

“Hate content.”

“Structuring fandom.”

“Visual album.”

“Passed off as art.”

“Ended up in lots of screaming.”

“Pee math.”

“So pompous and dreary.”

“Marginal historical accuracy.”


“Reading downbeat French literature.”

“May not show you the gratitude you expect.”

“Preventive detention order.”

“Utter intransigence.”

“These cultivars are not what our ancestors ate.”

“Instructed to avoid his mother and sisters.”

“Climate of hatred took hold.”

‘Ascension’ Quotes:
“Our new homeworld.”

“Regained some measure of popularity.”

“Legacy seedbank.”

“Ancestor’s homeworld.”

“Behavioural record.”

“I need a 40 degree temperature drop.”

“As fate would allow.”

“Marriage approval.”

“Deck 23 was damaged years ago.”

“Deck 23 situation.”

“She didn’t have any future at all.”

“Something bad’s coming.”

“You’ve done some dark stuff.”

‘Give Me Your Hand’ Quotes:

“Always rumours about it, about death cults and sex games.”

“It’s always catholic-school bitches who get pregnant.”

“What could you expect from a girl named Sarina?”

“Likely to steal ammonia tanks for a rolling meth lab.”

‘Cuckoo’ Quotes:
“Go away and work on yourself. Really, quite a lot.”

“Sexy elite.”

“Female conspiracy.”

“I’d just like to go to bed in my house without you here.”

“Why do I feel scared?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Consorting with another female.”

“She made him a cheater.”

“Fight for him to love me.”

‘Chalk’ Quotes:
“The pit they were working hard to keep me from falling into,”

“Terrible penalties for admitting desires like that.”

“Against my own behalf.”

‘Cherry Falls’ Quotes:
“Critically uninformed.”

“Sketchy keg place.”
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