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Book Reviews: The Girl In The Green Silk Gown + Festival

The Girl In The Green Silk Gown by Seanan McGuire
This sequel to ‘Sparrow Hill Road’ is banal and overwritten and tries for human tragedy but is really ghastly. People have vile opinions, utter faux-philosophical purple prose and the overdone plot incites contempt. This was ridiculously inept as ghost girl Rose faces more trivial unpleasantness at the hands of baddie Bobby Cross and his fearsome reputation.

This is over-ambitious and inconsequential. An annoying woman consciously makes ongoing bad decisions. But you don’t care about these horrible, horrendous people. This was just bad and has no inventive deliriousness. This was ghastly.

Festival by Aaron J. French
This novella is a disgustingly misogynistic tale of a couple who stumble across a pagan cult. This was dated and full of sexism and sexual violence and homophobia. It wasn’t unsettling; the only unsettling thing is that this crap got published. May it fade from memory.

Best Line:
“He is Trump!”
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