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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Frankenstein’ promo

‘9-1-1’ promo

‘The Descent’ promo

‘The Outpost’ promo

A new Picard cantered live-action ‘Star Trek’ show? WHY? It negates the novel-verse and who asked for this?

There are Mint Feasts?

You can make an edible sugar from crustacean shells?

Who saw ‘The Wedding Banquet’, ’A Dance To The Music Of Time’, ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’, ‘Tigerland’, ’Fast Girls’, ’Baggage Claim’, ’Sucker Punch’, ’The Pacifier’, ’The Football Factory’ or ‘Waiting To Exhale’?

Terra nullis - nobody’s property.

What is a skort or DNA braids?

Who watched ‘ChuckleVision’ or ‘Marker’?

I’d try potato emulsion, fig leaf cream, goat’s milk caramel and ewe’s milk sorbet.

Who read ‘The Accidental Tourist’?

What are hive tools, lavender twigs or bee brushes?

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Grim pub.”

“Small, dark supper club.”

“Hyperstretch contortions.”


“Dissolute branch of her family.”

“Loot boxes.”

“Anorak types,”

“Degeneracy within the family.”

“Girls in acid-bright bikinis and groggy boys who look as though they’ve barely left school.”

“Air ripe with Lynx.”

“Initiate major crime scene protocols.”


“Food culture.”

“Mainstream perceptions.”

“I just can’t ever get excited by cod, which always seems to me to taste somewhere between bland and really bland-”

“Serious reportable incident.”

“Potentially unusable.”

“Water stress.”

“Moving Irish food beyond he potato.”

“Queen of sluts.”

“Sexual noises.”

“Maximum allowable treatment.”

“His continued existence was of no benefit to him.”

“Relegitimated and rejustified.”

“Being pretty was a job requirement.”

“Evil sorts.”

“Cultural shift.”

“Became the type of drunk who passed out on the curb,”

“Even baptised him in the baseball star Tyson Chandler’s bathtub in 2014.”

“Now with 5 village idiots.”

“A goose pooed in a little girl’s face.”

“Pretending that inherited wealth is of no consequence to him.”

“Be his place in history.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Ignorance is fostered.”

“A once-vibrant city bled dry of artists.”

“Cultural war.”

“Public pronouncements.”

“Visible without fear.”

“Negative treatment.”

“Gender marker.”

“Bathrooms that are safe for them to use.”


“Expend vast energies justifying their lives to themselves.”

“Obsessively justifies.”

“Having a good pray.”

“Ethical vegan.”

“Banned forthwith.”

‘RTE Sport’ Quotes:
“Counter attack hockey.”

“Lethal on their counter.”

Mama June: From Not To Hot’ Quote:
“Half ass nude.”

‘Murder Uncovered’ Quotes:
“Maggot evidence.”

“Agreement of cooperation.”

‘The Girl In The Green Silk Gown’ Quotes:
“It’s been centuries since the last true resurrection.”

“I’m the sort of thing that goes bump in the night, and I’m scared of a truck stop toilet.”

“His survival now depends on continuing to believe that what he did then was justified.”

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quotes:
“Die with plenty of screaming.”

“Beat that desert breath!”

“He’s not a saint! He’s a pickle salesman!”

“Crush his sanity.”

“Eternity is a long, long, long, long time.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“Unholy, if unwitting, pact.”


“Ideologically hostile.”

“The stained glass window through which an irritated bear once leapt to freedom.”

“Lion club claw marks in the mahogany panelling.”

“Kitchen chairs with lumps bitten out of them by a pelican.”

“Find a boa constrictor in his bed, curled around his hot water bottle.”

“Prevailing TV trends.”

“Early verbal audience.”

“Deepen the shadow over the performer’s reputation.”

“Relatively low on the scale of scandals.”

“Challenging its attribution.”

“Intolerance and Amazon flourish.”

“Sharp, savvy acts.”

“Enemy state.”

“Online irritant.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Horrendous record in taking aggressive action to evict people.”

“Armed and insistent.”

“Most militants do not last two years.”

‘Scientific American’ Quotes:
“Ongoing discoveries of bones, artifacts and DNA from deep time.”

“Culturally unidentifiable.”


“Worldwide sentiments.”

“Revelation of heredity.”


“The diminishment of life’s pleasures.”

“Redo my life.”

“Social pain.”

“Anal ducts.”

“Eaten camel intestines.”

“Create the necessary pressure for a definitive flatus.”

‘Ascension’ Quotes:
“A woman not lawful for you to love.”

“Sent us out here to die.”

“It wouldn’t be proper to dress too extravagantly.”

“Council is terrified of insurrection.”

“Terrible, terrible me.”

“Joke of a job.”

“The captain who launched and the captain who lands.”

“Find meaning where we can.”

“A starship has been launched.”

“Something bad is coming.”

“Luxury beyond our means.”

“Exile you.”
“To where?!?”

“Space heroes.”
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