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Cult 1x11-1x13

Flip The Script
The mythic resonances in the show and real life grow. Roger has undying rage and vents his anger. Nobody has dignified serenity. Billy Grimm has a perfect manicure and drives a murdermobile around unnoticed. His impunity is continuing. He’s diabolical.

This show is done with perfect seriousness. Michael Hogan of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ pops up as a Dr Kimble. Jeff is all impoliteness and permanent moaning. The fandom café has vanished. Where is Tom Amandes? Jeff has a considerable competence gap. There is some pleasing logic. People forment trouble. Stuart and co want answers. People have dubious moral backgrounds.

Jeff is all aimless uncertainty. Stuart and co make vindictive pronouncements and have psychopathic fury. Jeff roams LA in search of wrongdoing to root out. Jeff and Kelly have otherworldly blankness and are wildly weirdly dull. Who is Steven Rea? What did he do? Stuart and co are seeking him out to find out what became of their parents. Why would Steven Rea even put clues in a TV show?

People are self-confirming in their malevolent mythology. Cult girl’s name is Kristie. Roger is angry he is unadored by Kristie and disinvites her. Jeff sees the true believers as his professed enemies. People babble about neural fusion. Kristie is in panic mode due to a backlash of negativity. Roger has no respectful consideration. When did Nate grow the hipster scruff? Nate sneers. What will the ultimate consequences of all this be? Jeff’s smug and Kristie goes her own way. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Something wrong?”

“Very cool TV show.”

“An army of willing fans.”

“Freaky television church.”

“Crazy ass church.”

“All the blood we’ve had to spill.”

“Nothing yet to show for it.”

“How can we be confident the answers you say are hidden in the show are even real?”

“Television was some kind of malevolent force.”

“Ended up dating me.”

Billy Grimm plays games. Skye and Jeff run from the psycho killers. The tech girl briefly shows up. Isn’t anyone wondering why Skye isn’t at work? Where is Tom Amandes? The show within the show achieved immediate and eternal fame and this show did not. Stuart has sinister interests. The Byzantine plot drags on. There are no moments of wonderment or revelation. A TA is bothered. Nate knows something. This made no cultural contribution. Jeff has beatific distaste on his countenance. Stuart has complex reasons.

Jeff has no apprehension. Skye is unfailingly positive. People have cultural allegiance to Stuart. There is Windows 10 product placement and not even wilful suspension of disbelief makes this good. The snap right off line seems to be forgotten. This was resplendent in its boredom. Theoretically this should be interesting. Teryl Rothery is coated in fake tan. One howls in ridicule at this. There is a find. What about creepy guy? The show within the show will do a final live scene webcast.

Executive Producer Steven Rea
Nate’s retrieved. All this fuss for Nate? Nobody smelt the bodies in the walls? Jeff gloats over corpses and mocks Stuart and the other cult kids for wanting to know what happened to their parents. Stuart’s busted. Who turned him in? Was it Skye? Kristie wears an ugly dress and has unclear motives.

This ep is a hell never even considered. Jeff doesn’t care about Skye’s dad. Another cult is hinted at. Stuart’s locked up and then he isn’t. His sidekicks aren’t arrested. There is overheated rhetoric and no disconcerting revelations or rational observations. This is a confusing conceit. Nothing is really explained or wrapped up and TPTB seem to be setting up a season 2 that never happened.

Jeff has contempt of familiarity for Nate. This was a sadly forgettable programme. People’s breathless adoration of Stuart ends. Jeff and Skye get it on. Jeff gets a message. There is a discovery, a twist and a reveal. None of this is cause for concern or causes Jeff to emote. There are unexpected consequences. Was Teryl Rothery part of the cult all along? Will Roger die? Why was he targeted? What is Kristie up to? A mysterious brick like thing is found. There is an unclear significant moment. Who is Steven Rea? Where they hinting darkly about Skye’s dad? I didn’t understand this. This is a bad ending to an okay show.

Best Lines:
“We don’t care about ‘Cult’!”

“Cut the creepy phonecall crap.”

“Sweet mother of god.”

Slasher 1x04

As Water Is Corrupted Unless It Moves
The Mountain Man gets got. People do stupid things. The killer strikes. This ep is a negative experience. The heroine is uncritical of the original killer. This ep was a catastrophic mistake. Interest in this show is irrevocably gone. An Oprah wannabe lurks. Some bitch called June drinks and rants. There is mumbling about a missing girl. What did the heroine’s husband do? This was inept and the town loony rants. People talk about things in creepy tones. This was not deeply fulfilling. I just do not care. There is a nasty murder. Why does the murder victim have to be naked?

Best Lines:
“Slut of a mom!”

“Murders his wife with botox.”

“The Lord Revengeth.”

Black Mirror 4x05

This black and white post-apoc tale was good. 3 people drive by an empty pig farm on a mission. What become of the pigs? Even in this post-apoc world the woman has beachy curls. They raid a warehouse which goes awry as a robot ‘dog’ attacks. There is slo-mo and it kills one of the group, chases them and attacks and kills another of the group. It can drive?!? The woman survives and has to do self-surgery. She is alone and running.

She has aching hope of survival as the ceaseless chasing goes on. She has majestic dignity. She only wanted to help a sick child. She has gutsy defiance and no fatal submissiveness and has exceptional vitality for an injured middle aged woman. She suffers enormous stress and hardship. These ‘dogs’ wiped out civilization and human and animal life? The ‘dog’ can’t climb a tree due to damage.

Who invented these ethically unacceptable things? Where is this set? Nobody was reticent about these things? Humanity faced a vicious backlash from their own creations. When did the fall happen? The house she breaks into looks very clean and it still has power. She is morally liable for her own end. The home owners committed suicide and are skeletons now. There is also running water in the house. The ‘dogs’ can crack keypads and the ‘dogs’ are toxic remnants of humanity.

Why doesn’t she hear the ’dog’ walking around the house? The dog can arm itself with a knife from the knife rack? She throws paint over it. The paint is still liquid? How long has it been? Is petrol still good? The ’dogs’ have a failsafe. This is a good, chastening reminder of hubris. What happened to the place she came from? This is not a master class of menace but it is close and good. She kills herself and more ’dogs’ lurk. These are ominous times. All this happened for a teddy bear?

Star Trek 2x18

The Immunity Syndrome
The Enterprise faces a giant space amoeba. Kirk wears a pus green wraparound top and mashes a keypad with his fist. The plot is entirely ridiculous but it is uncomplicated enjoyment. It is better than the bafflingly ineffective ‘A Piece Of The Action’. People have anxiety and the first ½ is okay but the second ½ is dull.

Best Lines:
“The stars are gone.”

“Kindly tell me what happened to the stars.”

“Life indicators.”

“Goes against the rules of logic.”

“Have you ascertained yet what we’re maintaining our distance from?”

“The area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive.”

Valor (2017-2018) 1x01&1x02

A special ops unit are in Somalia and things go badly in underlit scenes. There is slut shaming of Taylor Swift. A female helicopter pilot was injured in the Somalia incident and is back on duty a month later. All the women in this ep look porny. This has some really bad VFX and the heroine looks orange.

What happened in Somalia? What are the heroine and her CO lying about? Who was the prisoner in Somalia who caused so much fuss? 2 people from the incident are prisoner in Somalia, others are MIA and there is an investigation into what happened. An annoying investigator annoys. The orange heroine, Nora, takes pills and has a boyfriend and PTSD.

There are flashbacks, the CIA lurk and a solider supposedly KIA was lurking in Somalia. There are lies, shagging and a reveal. This military drama was okay.

Best Lines:
“Quote the great Justin Bieber.”

“Hot sweaty men.”

“This is what war is now.”

“More about theatrics than anything.”

“Never done below treeline on your own.”

“Show that wall.”

“Move or I will shoot through you.”

Espirt de Corps
The CIA bint annoys. The title card is nice. So in Somalia, Nora shot a threatening aggressive CIA agent. People are moral failures. The investigating CIA agent looks like a bar slut. People are miserable and habitually unpleasant. The CIA agent makes scornful observations and people have sinister intentions. Nora’s boyfriend sees himself as her romantic saviour. Nora has stockpiled hurt.

There is no sheer mind-blowing heft or scope or thematic muscle but it does entertain. One of the hostage’s families has a schism. Jackass special forces guys are all ill-intentioned foulness. There is a distinct lack of order on base. There are very well lit flashbacks. Something awful and unknowable happened in Somalia. Nora’s boyfriend, Ian, is annoyed by the vexatious CIA agent. Ian’s mother is important. There is bad VFX. Nora’s scruffy CO finally gets a military haircut. The CIA bint was mentored by Richard the CIA agent Nora shot in Somalia. Of course she was. This was good. Money and dominos are important. There is corrosive doubt and lies and angry recriminations.

Best Lines:

“Missing man ceremony.”

“Exit logs.”

“Relaxed grooming standards.”

“It’s illegal for the army to take action against Americans.”
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