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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Burning Bright’ promo
Ridic, looks like an abject failure.

‘Black Water’ promo

‘Wake In Fear’ promo
“I don’t know where here is.”

‘Hollyoaks’ promo

‘Bodyguard’ promo

‘Venom’ trailer
Tom Hardy mumbles and changes. There are big ass hand knives and this looks okay.

Best Lines:
“Human beings are disposable.”

“Turd in the wind.”

Floranger choc - yum.
Ganache choc - nice.
Strawberry & balsamic vinegar - nice.
Eve choc - okay.

A remake of ‘Indecent Proposal’?

My ‘Simon’s Cat’ video lost with PC!

Ta guile - shut up.

They are remaking ‘Animal Farm’?

An ‘Alf’ reboot?

‘Timeless’ is sorta revived.

‘Urban Legend’ (1998) Quotes:
“She’s doing a performance art piece to commemorate the massacre.”

“It didn’t go good.”

“Yeah baby yeah.”

“Don’t you want to be an urban legend? All your friends are now.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Sentinel node.”

“Changes its presentation.”

“Social relationships.”

“Gross sin.”

“Women sit there waiting for things to come to them,”


“Implies a right to fornicate.”

“The time the crockery cupboard collapsed on the six-year-old.”

“Life prognosis.”

“Hate those we oppress.”

“Prefer beggary to work.”

“Laughed to scorn.”

“Such views are unlikely to be expressed publicly.”

“Suspiciously fond reminiscences.”

“Taking on most of the burdens of the home.”

“Tiresome flow of reminisces.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“10 year old morons.”

“I’ve never known you come at a good one.”

“Layabout and a scrounger.”

“Artistic tantrums.”

“Without so much as pulling up a thistle.”

“You can clear off!”

“I didn’t knock because it is after all my property.”

“His first wife died in a shooting accident.”

“A private detective can’t make an arrest.”

‘Cujo’ Quote:
“Oh my god, you’re rabid!”

‘The Guardian’ Quote:
“Deep geological burial.”

“But he had heard me and suddenly things happened.”

“Provoked outrage.”

“On the periphery of engaging in criminal behaviour.”

“Air turnback.”

“Mythologised space.”

“Capable on some level of experience.”

“Sow bitter hatred and division.”

“Mischief mongers.”

“Geopolitical meltdown.”

“Street-style stars.”

“Moral panic.”


“Sweat crawls.”

“Confinement period.”

“Pregnancy is a body-horror.”

“You’re hairy and smelly and things are happening.”

“Supposed to be a blank canvas for their fans’ projections, for their lining and dreams. Available and untaken.”

“Occupy your space.”

“Service of the story.”

“Got over their astonishment.”

“Dangerous nonconformists.”

“Precarious aspects of existence.”

“Cultural elitists.”

“Cultural strife.”

“Kicked out of an apartment for playing my guitar too loud,”

Don’t Breathe’ Quotes:
“Doesn’t trust nobody.”

“Some chrome.”

“Just gave this guy the legal right to shoot us.”

‘America’s Hate Preachers’ Quotes:
“You love worshipping satan!”

“Goes down the drain morally.”

‘Star Trek’ Quotes:
“Old Britain.”

“Friend Klingon.”

“Their intentions are unknown.”

‘Sex With Kings’ Quotes:
“Faithless liar.”

“Her two female companions, whose purpose was to lend her an air of respectability, packed up and left.”

“Show his resentment openly.”

“To feel sick was an unforgivable crime.”

“Left court only as a corpse on a stretcher.”

“The beavhiour necessary to please him.”

“Treacherous intent.”

“Ill-suited wife.”

“Ludwig would likely have kept Lola for years if his own subjects had not thrown her out of Bavaria after only sixteen months as royal mistress.”

“Had rotten black teeth that stank so much that one could smell them at the other end of the room.”

“Better everything.”

“Renowned for tearing off his wig and kicking it across the floor when angry,”

“A nose larger than his kingdom.”

“That malignant wasp.”

“Naturally evil character.”

“Cannot or will not show me any kindness or pleasant conversation.”

“Social stigma.”

“Morally outraged.”

“One only had to look at her to see that she was scheming something.”

‘Aertel’ Quote:

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Not good. Not nice.”

‘The Times’ Quotes:
“Risqué even now.”

“Having rage issues.”

“Ice-class hull.”

“Cultural faultlines.”

“Negotiated departure.”

“Ideological message.”

“Ideological and sabotage training.”


‘Red Rock’ Quote:
“All we have is a decomposing foot.”
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