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Book Review: All These Beautiful Strangers

All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth
Charlie Calloway is an astonishingly proactive spoilt rich brat. She wants to join a secret society at her exclusive boarding school. She thinks they’re great but they are workers of iniquity. She gets involved with the gang of rich bullies and begins to wonder about her mother’s disappearance years ago. She’s unbearable and gleefully and spitefully hurls insults at people. All she cares about is her icy perfection and social conventions.

She sneers and feels superior and has all the attendant attitudes of a rich spoilt brat with dynastic advantages. She’s irrefutably terrible and shrugs off all negative criticism. One hated her and the boring plot. This started out as a promising tale of moral laxity but failed to fulfil it.

Best Lines:
“What in god’s name were you doing in a library?”
“I got lost,”


“Emotional warfare.”

“None of the top school’s would want him now.”

“It’s a bunch of egotistical, self-entitled rich kids running around acting like gods.”

“Your secret little friends in your secret little group.”

“That’s a strange kind of friendship making you stick your tongue down your cousin’s throat before they designed to hang out with you.”
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