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Harper's Island Ep 10 Review


At Bloodbath Retreat: Madison is obviously lying, the State Police show up and get killed. The guests decide to leave, seriously it takes them this long? Sully tells everyone that he plays Halo, so he's pumped for action. Shea acts like a cow as does Trish, maybe their excessive black hair dye ran into their ears and fried their WASPy brains. The Marina is blown up. None of the Island Residents bother to investigate, seriously where has the rest of the population gone? The Trish/Henry nuptials appear to be history. The snotty Maggie gets done in. Sully and co make napalm. Cal is shot (he is so dead meat, the writer isn't subtle on that note). The guests (minus Henry) turn on Abby and order her to face the killer alone.

There is a dramatic revelation and another death. Abby's eyes bug out, can she die soon? Abby is annoying and her opening narration/introduction every ep is a timewaster. This was a good tension filled episode, most of the cast come across as jerks who deserve horrible death. It is clear the guests are being herded. So who is Wakefield's child? Trish, Shea and Madison all seem to have his personality traits. Maybe they're his accomplices. The big revelation is a bit of a game changer.

Best Line: "Of all the weddings I've been to, this one ranks near the bottom."
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