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Book Review: Fragment

Fragment by Warren Fahy

A ship crewed by the desperate cast and crew of a reality show come across the distant, unexplored Henders Island. They think it could be a ratings bonanza; instead it turns into a slaughter.

Henders Island is the most dangerous place on Earth. This fragment of a lost continent has been cut off for over 600 million years and as a result its ecosystem is like nothing ever seen before. Henders is home to a vicious, savage host of predators. As scientists and the military ponder what to do, a discovery is made that changes everything.

This is a good adventure tale. Fahy describes the bizarre Henders ecosystem with panache and relish. This is a suitably rollercoaster ride of the sort Matthew Reilly used to write before he started doing ‘Da Vinci Code’ knock offs. This is a wonderfully, creepy romp.

Best Lines:
“God forbid we give a soul any reason to seek this place.”

“Nothing from our world can survive here.”
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