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White Collar 3x06&3x07 + Cult 1x04-1x06 + Black Mirror 4x03 Reviewed

Scott Free
Neal and his bimbo bore. Peter has ignorance and malice and harasses Neal. A 20 year old con artist named Scott rampages and annoys. Why is Neal going on FBI busts? Peter has a smug demeanour and no emotional or social skills. He has long held opposition to crime. The opening credits are naff. Neal wears a silly hat. Mozzie has no calming manner. TPTB sow the seeds of division between Peter and Neal. How does Peter command allegiance?

Dana Ashbrook of ‘Twin Peaks’ guest stars. Peter is lick-arsed and he has no legitimate censure. Neal and Mozzie discuss setting up the perfect fake ID. Why isn’t Neal contented with the life he has? Where is Peter’s swell of mistrust toward Neal? Neal always stands with his legs wide apart. There is social disapproval toward the baddie of the week. There is no shared tension. Scott has justifiable rage.

There is no tense standoff. This isn’t emotionally intense. Scott runs but not for long. This has no inherent distinctiveness and no distinctive character. Tim DeKay’s bad acting has a serious negative effect on the show. Mozzie has some sort of emotionally unstable personality disorder. Peter is malevolently intended and has a negative take on Neal. This was inelegant. Peter is an ill-natured pathetic loser. This ep and this season seem like a colossal failure.

Why is Peter the great arbiter of morality? A baleful rich dude lurks. This is rank farce. Peter always speaks with a hectoring vindictive tone. Neal is tired of the burdensome restrictions and ideological commitment and established judgements of the moral fundamentalism of the FBI. Scott the con du jour has a negative behaviour and attitudes. Peter has stern, moralistic displeasure. This was absolutely terrible. Scott does hateful behaviour.

This defies belief and logic. Scott has bad enemies and there are no moral choices. Peter is on about censure, sanction and judgement. This was bad and unnecessary. The deterioration in Peter and Neal’s relationship seems on/off. Scott has fake hipster scruff. Peter has a righteous belief in himself. Why doesn’t the bimbo and her blowout ever work? Scott is dumb. This ep has no life-altering moments.

Scott has a wry wayward attitude. Mozzie does disservices. Neal is in an emotional hole and has no moral policy. Neal’s plots aren’t thought through. People do ugly tactics. The bimbo prances in a pilfered bustier and then finds the fake passport. There is so much wrongful practice. Peter isn’t conciliatory. Neal isn’t sufficiently self-critical. Peter is the morality police. Neal can’t avoid riskier behaviour. The bimbo gives willing assistance to crime. Neal isn’t endlessly sympathetic. There is bitter glee. There is a safe. Neal shows off his chest. The bimbo is bony. Peter has an insatiable desire to annoy.

Best Lines:
“I love tracking the smart ones.”

“He caught me and he will catch you.”

“Robin Hoodie.”

“Items of extravagance.”

“The world was more trusting.”

“Identity farming.”

“Names are not necessary.”


“Safe cracking booby traps.”

“My black box does everything.”

“How many new Degas’ are there?”

“How’s she look?”

“Never say you’re sorry unless you’re running a con.”

Taking Account
A malefactor hacker strikes. The bimbo moves in with Neal. Lena Headey guest stars. Neal has faux humility and a lack of insight or self awareness. Will Peter GO AWAY? I can’t stand him. He badmouths Neal. Mozzie’s dumb and seduces Lena Heady. Yeah right. Peter has notions about himself and is intolerably annoying and obnoxious.

The bimbo has no unconditional support for Neal. Peter demeans and excludes and undermines and disadvantages and offends Neal. There is FBI stupidity. Is Neal’s expertise really so critical? This was abysmal. Neal feels the fug of suffocation. There are bland motivations and no visceral or philosophical intensity. The bimbo is onto Neal.

Best Lines:
“Lend you an air of credibility.”

“Spend the thief out of hiding.”

“Government trickery.”

“I will unhear that.”

Get With The Program
The opening credits are different. On the show a podcaster is writing a book about Grimm. He deprogrammed Kelly. Meanwhile Skye has no smooth efficiency. What do the real life cult believe and worship? What is Jeff living on? Jeff and Skye meet up with 2 people affected by the cult. The creepy cop resurfaces. Skye is a whiny bitch killjoy in this ep as she shrugs off a possible murderous satanic plot.

Is anything anybody says really accurate or true? A real-life cult deprogrammer has sweary brashness. The nutters have extreme glorification of the show and are activated and manipulated by unknown external forces. On the show Billy Grimm plans apocalyptic levels of revenge on the podcaster. He has a ferocious temper and incandescent rage. This ep was wanting.

Billy has vindictive protectiveness of himself and he shows off his blunt rhetoric. Podcast dude is woeful unprepared to deal with the very aggressive Billy, who has discourtesy and serious physical aggression. A septic tank has a UV wall of crazy ripped off from ‘Lost’.

Best Lines:
“Exile himself from mainstream society.”

“Messianic charlatan.”

“You presume a lot.”

“Never utter my name again.”

“Cult nut jobs.”

“The x’s can’t be good.”

“Hacker hostel.”

The Kiss
A creepy agent shows up and charms the Billy Grimm actor whose real name is Roger. The Kelly actress sneers at fans. People still haven’t noticed that the network guy was carried off in 1x01. Where’s Tom Amandes? Jeff works as a reporter on a local paper and has a boss named Burt. When did that happen? A cat is seen. There is to be a fan experience on the set of the show.

The show within the show shows Kelly’s weird cult initiation which many see as romantic but could also be seen as coerced sex. Roger is still darting cult girl who looks young enough to be his daughter. Skye is drugged and trips. There is a twist and the creepy cop says stuff. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Joins some dumb ass religion.”

“James Dean of the 90s.”

“Been a distinct pleasure.

“She’ll live.”
“She’d better.”

“We’re here to project the show from nut jobs like you.”

The Good Fight
Skye collapses from the drug and her mom (Erica Gimpel) shows up. Skye has an adventure in coma land. Jeff insists on being supportive and caring for Skye and berates EJ the tech girl. Jeff has heated exchanges with the creepy unnameable cop. He’s baleful, irate and unruly. Why is Skye the only one who ended up in hospital? Burt agrees to help Jeff. Skye hallucinates her father. This was okay if unnecessary. There are repercussions for poor Burt.

Best Lines:
“Allergy to the cutting agent.”

“Asking another of his favours.”

“Counteragent protocol.”

“Bundle of fury.”

Since it left Channel 4, this show has gone downhill. In this dumb ep a couple hit someone with a car and cover it up. 15 years pass and the irritating chavs are still the absolute worst. The woman, Mia, has become an architect and now her ex-drunk ex wants to confess. She kills him. This kicks off an elaborate self-destructive revenge scheme which damns her.

Memory dredgers exist in this reality. They are used by Shazia, an insurance agent who accidentally comes into Mia’s orbit. This ep was boring. Mia’s unsubtle deliberate malice escalates. One feels distain for this. Mia has hostility and contempt for public order. She kills more people to cover her ass and leave no witnesses. There is a twist and then another involving a guinea pig which is absolutely hilarious. I hope the guinea pig was okay. Mia is IDed and the show ends as she is about to be arrested. Ha.

Best Line:
“Still waiting for him.”
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