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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘Insatiable’ trailer
Oh yeah.

Machego cheese - good.
Belgian milk chocolate truffles - good.
Praline perfection choc - okay.
Triple chocolate heaven choc - okay.
Lemon drizzle cake choc - okay.
Caramel carousel cake choc - okay.
Raspberry blush choc - mediocre.

Who saw ‘The Boy In The Plastic Bubble’ (1976) or ‘Reality Bites’ or ‘Theodore Rex’ or ‘The Secret Garden’ (1993) or ‘Half Light’ (2006) or ‘Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing’ (1955) or ‘Black Beauty’ (1994) or ‘Dead Presidents’?

Who read ‘The Lorax’?

They are remaking ‘Enter The Dragon’?

There will make ‘From A Buick 8’ into a movie?

What is rock sugar or sharp sauce or wine jelly or American ice cream?

‘Reeker’ Quote:
“I’m afraid of psycho desert crack heads who hunt small animals with Dahmer’s garden tools.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Out of control drug users.”

“Turned her away and told her not to come back.”

“Moment of panic.”

“You are satan.”

“Drunken grandma.”

“Set her house on fire.”

“Drug dealing weed smoking professional liars.”

“I can’t stand drama.”

“Disrespectful little punk.”

“Arrested with no pants on.”

“Please stop trying to kill me.”

“Ski bum.”

“Frustrates me beyond belief.”

“I don’t see a big deal.”

“Make me look like a piece of trash.”

“It’s not a paperweight you need to read it.”

‘NYMag’ Quotes:
“She woke up one Christmas morning on the floor of an apartment naked with another dancer, the tree knocked over, vomit everywhere.”

“She chose to go with it.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Risk-taking personality.”

“Decide what was best for me without any consideration of my opinion or my thoughts.”

“Balloon releases have been banned.”

“Incapable of recognising his disgrace.”

“Erratic taste in women.”

“Not a fit and proper person.”

“Cultural norms.”

“Refusal to be accountable.”

“A less-than-positive impression.”


“Conscious of her personality.”

“These rules were routinely ignored.”

“Harm-reduction sessions.”

“Active addiction.”

“Enjoyed authority and privilege disproportionate to his age and experience.”

“She will find it difficult to satisfy the inflated expectations which her rhetoric has aroused.”

“Controlled waste.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“He never left the house again.”

“He’s unhappy.”

“A peasant at heart.”

“Cognac, woman!”

“You pour!”


“Usual litany of excuses.”

“Came home and never left again.”

“I wish they had shot me.”
“Go out and they will.”

“Stood up to strike me.”

“The town character.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“Bringing our community into disrepute.”

“Reputation management.”

“Dispute journalistic investigations.”

“Disputed coverage.”

“Food-exclusion diets.”


“Measured public discourse.”

“Chill debate.”

“Countries of heritage.”


“Feminist discourse.”

“Association study.”

“Not an insignificant exclusion.”

“Media sentiment.”

“Keystone prey species.”

“Unsuited to their profession.”

“Overestimates his commercial savvy.”

“Suddenly being a ‘liberal’ was an accusation.”

“Maladroit handling.”

“Progressive intentions (for the time).”

“Intellectual dishonesty, motive questioning.”

“Running at levels not seen the Second World War.”

“The Victorian spectacle of babies born with Syphilis is back,”

“Vomit fraud.”

“Opposition research on reporters.”

“Slow looking.”

“Of some renown,”

“Devastation of self-doubt.”

“Unconvicted felons.”

“Carnal intercourse against the order of nature.”

“Don’t feel entitled to refuse sex.”

“That old loony did  it.”


‘The Death Of Mrs Westaway’ Quotes:
“Smiling, but not in a pleasant way.”

“What kind of person needed to stop their maids from escaping?”

“As though her mother was one step away from a medicated stay in a secure facility.”

“Post-war fantasy-land?”

“Does she realise people don’t live like this any more?”

“The Victorian-style theatrics involved in public willing readings,”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quotes:
“Formation dance.”

“Danced by invitation.”

“Developed a social conscience.”

‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ Quote:
“Dressed up in all the wrong way.”

‘TVNow’ Quotes:
“I can finally defend his behaviour.”

“Disgust for this situation.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Try to salvage her life.”

‘Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“Age of Babylon.”

“Organic remnants.”
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