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Book Review: Alone

Alone by Cyn Balog
Seda, a somewhat troubled young woman lives with her idiot mother and younger siblings in a sprawling, crumbling remote hotel they inherited. Seda’s full of dread and when a group of teenagers get stranded during a blizzard, events escalate. This was good even if the 1986 movie ‘April Fool’s Day is copiously ripped off.

Seda’s mother is reckless beyond words. What sort of mother sows confusion and insecurity and commits an unthinkable betrayal of her daughter? She is the reason the horrifying circumstances unfold. The mother’s malicious betrayal is shocking. Seda’s distress passed unnoticed by her mother, as it was an inconsequence. A long standing deception does not lead to a constructive goal, only violent retaliation.
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