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CenturyCity 1x09+TheSinner (2017-?) 1x01+GLOW 2x10+Quantico3x08+Picnic At Hanging Rock 1x02

Only You
This was the final ever episode, thankfully. This show was sexist dross that never lived up to the potential of its premise. A man is accused of killing his wife and the murder weapon is a smart gun with a DNA lock. He still denies it. This doesn’t even try to be flat out bizarre. This show was on a serious downward trend from 1x01.

Fruit is everywhere. This was not even curiously brilliant. Billy Campbell guest stars. There is no surprising class and the suspect badmouths his dead wife. There is creepy talk about smart carpet sensors, a smart home music system, a smart doorknob and a smart air conditioning system which all spy on their owners. Privacy is non-existent. Nobody cares or notices.

The perv pervs over his AI and wants to stalk the life model for it. This plot is strangely lethargic. Why does the perv get so much plot and screen time? He’s ghastly. The GM lawyer and another GM person (Gretchen Egolf of ‘Journeyman’ and ‘Martial Law’) don’t like being GM. Even the drink dispenser in the law-firm is smart. Creepy. People who are created via genetic modification are sterile. This was done deliberately. A GM woman (Egolf) wants to have a baby and sues the government for this right.

The government shrugs off making people sterile and say they can’t let her have a baby. Meanwhile the murder suspect learns he has a twin brother via nefarious goings on at a fertility clinic. Lucas annoys. The murder suspect turns out to be a cheater. The lawyers find this out via a smart dry cleaners, their lying client doesn’t tell them. The murder suspect mumbles about his hired prostitute/mistress and how he has needs. He is unpretty in everyway.

People casually mention there was a bio-attack in 2009. The social possibilities of 2030 are shrugged off. The perv wants to bang the life model for his AI. The murder suspect’s adultery is shrugged off. The perv meets the life model and is disgusted that she is a racist porn star. Also her likeness was stolen but the perv lawyer and his law firm don’t care. The perv is sad that his stalking victim is a slut and that he’s not getting any.

The murder suspect is acquitted despite being a sleaze who only wanted his wife’s money. A government lawyer (Jose Zuniga of ‘American Crime Story‘, ‘Desperate Housewives‘, ‘The Event‘ and ‘CSI: Miami‘) says there are side effects from making GM people and that they can’t let any of them have babies as it might unleash a plague. The LAW FIRM shrugs off this massive human rights violation. The sad GM woman can’t have a baby. The former suspect shrugs off his nefarious mistress.

This was awesomely stupid. Nobody commands respect or affection. There is slut shaming and the sleazy husband/murder suspect skips off. The perv laughs off his GM co-worker’s sterility. This was terrible and fundamentally dreadful.

Best Lines:
“DNA lock.”

“Criminals hire you.”

“Euro Muslim pop.”

“Genetic prototype project.”

“Abandoned embryos.”

“Pinged your bathrobe.”

“Contract consort.”

“Get me the President!”
“Of the United States?”

“Prone to develop unrealistic expectations.”

“Virtual sex arcade.”

“One hour’s notice of any requested sex.”

“She hired my twin brother to murder my wife!”

Part 1
Jessica Biel stars in this dull TV show that adapts a book I’ve never read. This has nice opening credits which are about the only good thing in it. Bill Pullman and Patti D’Arbanville are also in this. Cora (Biel) dislikes her mother-in-law, berates her husband, fawns over her toddler son and is unhappy. She takes pills, has joyless desultory sex and her home is a hostile environment.

Cora cleans obsessively and it is not a substitute for authentic experience. Nobody has gratitude and affection for her. Cora has inexorable bitter apprehension about life. No sense of dread is suggestively implied. This had notable acclaim for some reason. Cora and her family go to the lake. Relationship fracture points are clear and Cora seems held in very small regard by her in laws. She wears an ugly swimsuit and has a contorted decision making process.

This has no substantial impact. Cora seems to try and drown herself at the lake. Then she murders someone in broad daylight to a horrified reaction. She stabbed him with a knife she was using to cut up fruit for her son. The psychological implications of her act fascinate a creepy cop (Pullman). He is an altruistic activist for Cora. This was hokey. Why did Cora commit such reckless, vicious harm? Oh who cares?

Cora’s husband is a malcontent. There is no gratitude, affection, nuance or sensitivities. There is no considered debate or discourse. Why did Cora freak out and stab a guy? Blood flew and Cora was arrested as she did a madness mantra. This was not meticulously done. There’s a wall up in terms of communication. The detective mumbles. Why do people give him currency?

There are no normal uncertainties. There is an avalanche of criticism. Cora has flashbacks. The cop does not dampen down any speculation about the implications of Cora’s act and ultimate disgrace. What precipated this? Why did Cora do it? She’s not on drugs or mentally ill. Did the victim know her and let her kill him? Her husband seems ready to abandon her. Cora freaks out in her cell. This tries for intensity as Biel overacts wildly.

The cop is quirky and into kinky stuff. People make poor decisions and this is devoid of fact or logic. Cora is emotionally broken and having an emotional nightmare. This was sensationalist. Why didn’t one man try to stop her? His statement changes perceptions. This is completely and utterly awful. There is a flashback to Cora’s horrible mother. There is mumbling and Biel has an unflattering haircut.

Best Lines:
“It looked like he recognised her.”

“Never got up off your towel.”

“Why you didn’t try to stop her.”

“I think there’s something wrong with me.”

“Volunteers at the Y.”

“20 eye witnesses.”

“Impulse killing.”

“What part of getting stabbed 17 times is under control?”

Every Potato Has A Receipt
The girls do radio promo. Carmen is called out. Justine’s mother wants money. Sam whines. Debbie is awful. Bash has his house scrubbed down. Why does he get so much screen time? Bash is an ass. Sam hangs out at a strip club. Ruth’s dumb. Cherry Bang’s husband wants a baby.

Britannica wears Debbie’s wedding dress. The girls are insulted. Shelia has fans. Where did they get the horse? Bash proposes to Britannica. What happened to him and Carmen? Bash and Britannica marry. There is a battle royale and a kiss. There is a mixed match. Ruth becomes the GLOW champion. KDTV is mean and GLOW is offered a floorshow in Las Vegas by Ray the strip club guy. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Marrying a fan on television.”

“Will you visit?”
“Probably not.”

“We’ve dealt with this before.”

“Talk out your grievances.”

“That horse better not shit in there.”

“Love is fake! Just like wrestling!”

“Rhonda just married a millionaire without a prenup!”

“Pies of rage!”

“Russian on a zipline!”

“Good insane.”

“Sometimes stories end this way.”

“Call, a lot.”

Deep Cover
Alex’s knocked up and undercover. A military contractor is under investigation. Harry lingers. A class called 7 Deadly Spins is seen. Ryan and new guy go undercover at a jail. Oddly no-one recognises Ryan the spy who was outed on TV by the former POTUS. Does nobody at the jail recognise Alex when she visits? There is an actual mention of the events of season 2. Shelby puts on a chav accent. Harry does a magic seat swap. When did Alex become a sniper? While initially good, things get graceless, lurid and unnecessary in this inconsequential silliness. Alex is bruised by life and loses the baby. The baddie makes the required bad impression. There is sheer ridiculousness and relentless silliness. Did the baddie escape?

Best Lines:
“Any and all prosecution.”

“We’re about to burn in hell.”

“America’s a dying anachronism.”

“Once in a lifetime asset.”

“This 007 stuff.”

“Olympic level marksman.”

Picnic At Hanging Rock 1x02
A search is undertaken for the 3 girls and 1 teacher who have managed to lose themselves on the Rock. The posh boy is gloriously silly. There will be unknown consequences to the disappearance. There is casual racism. This was not delightfully fresh. The posh boy has absolute consternation over the missing girls who he does not know.

Mrs Appleyard tries to keep order as poisonous gossip flies. Edith is berated. There is nothing you can take as a positive from this. A local cop mumbles about the future and has a low opinion of the posh boy. This was joyless and full of snide remarks. There is snobbery and this was awful and wrong. The posh boy is endlessly smug.

There is a flashback to a year ago that sees Irma and Sara arrive and Miranda get caned. Sara found the secret box. Miranda seemed like a right little madam. The four missing women are presumed dead. Posh boy was flung out of Cambridge for something involving another boy. Mrs Appleyard tries behavioural engineering and to claim ownership of the narrative. She wants to deter and counter change and has unbending faith in herself. Edith babbles. There are myriad interpretations about what happened on the Rock. There is cultural context.

The missing teacher has secrets and this has no compelling coolness and is not significant or important. Albert, the rough arsed Australian gets naked. Things are suggestively implied. Albert is Sara’s long lost brother. Neither knows where the other is or that they are so close. Who were the 2 mysterious riders? What was Mrs Appleyeard involved in? Posh boy and Albert search for the missing women and find one. This does not thrive on its own oddness.

Best Lines:
“Disgraced yourself good and proper to be sent so far.”

“Be careful not to rise above your station.”

“Her special brandy.”

“Bare feet like a slum child.”

“Hats of a bygone era.”

“Heaven knows what went on there.”

“A vow is not a wish Miranda. It is a promise you make in front of a sacred witness and woe betide you if you break it.”

“Better than what?”

“Anyone from anywhere.”

“This strange business.”

“A nasty red cloud.”

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