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Book Reviews: The Waterborne Blade + In Your Light

The Waterborne Blade by Susan Murray
This inept, badly written book is the first in a series. I could barely finish this and will read no more. There is civil war or something in a medieval stasis kingdom. A spoilt brat woman needs to be taken to safety from mortal threat as the rotten social order is imperilled. This is told in short chapters as perverted ideology is practiced and there is melodrama, opportunism and disloyalty. This was all laughable impossibility.

In Your Light by Annalie Grainger
This was Did Not Finish bad as a whining teenager whines about her missing sister and stumbles across a cult. This book does not merit retention and it is not significant or life-affirming. It’s an affront to your intelligence and it has no brutal logic and is not poignant. It has no brutal logic or poignant reminders of lost happiness. It has no integrity or sanctity. This was objectively terrible.
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