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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Brand New Drama Coming Soon - BBC’ trailer
‘The ABC Murders’, ‘War Of The Worlds’, ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘The Cry’. Mmmm.

‘A Simple Favor’ trailer
Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively bond over their sons. French music plays, Lively wears nice gloves, there is a blog and a favour. A woman goes missing, there are shoes, secrets, mind games and I want to see this.

Best Lines:
“Feel so high tone.”

“You do not want to be friends with me. Trust me.”

“She was not a normal person.”

‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ trailer
People watch snuff videos on a stolen lap. There is over-acting and gurning.

Best Line:

‘Bridge Of Spies’ promo

‘The Glades’ promo

Iced tea Apple&Matcha - tastes like old grass clippings.

‘Elementary’ killed off Mycroft - oh ffs.

My ‘Smallville’ clex fanfic lost with PC: The ‘Destiny’ series where the duo endure much during their relationship, the series where Lex is replaced by an evil clone, the series where Lex replaces himself with a clone, the one where Lex is secretly bad, the one where they’re happy in the future and the crossover with ‘Firefly’.

I may watch ‘The First’.

Adam Driver is to do a zombie movie?

The new ‘She-Ra’ looks ugly.

Who saw ‘The Bunker’ or ‘Brighton Beach Memoirs’ or ‘Miranda’ (1948) or ‘Christmas In Connecticut’ or ‘Serendipity’?

‘Katie Price: My Crazy Life’ Quotes:
Who names their daughter Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis?”

“And then I found out all along, he was sleeping with the nanny!”

“Sprint like Bolt out the front door.”

‘Carrie’ (2002) Quote:
“What happened wasn’t natural.”

‘Sex With The Queen’ Quotes:
“She didn’t fear hell she replied. She was already living it.”

“Sex police.”

‘Sex With Kings’ Quote:
“Called one of the two dullest queens in Europe by her own father, the other dull queen being his wife.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Shared responsibility.”

“Assisted decision-making system.”

“Geographical footprint.”

“Failure to explain where they got the cash to buy four swanky London pads-”

“Emphasise their secondary status.”

“Dishonours truth,”

“Latent discontent.”

“Electoral law.”

“Need some extra appreciation.”

“The diminishing group of Irish patients who has a long-standing relationship with a doctor.”

“Very challenging to manage.”

“When he thinks about it, which is often.”

“Thinking negative thoughts over and over and over.”

“The debilitating power of victimhood.”

“Birth reflections midwife.”




“Mad bitch.”

“Useful consciousness.”

“Sleep and rapid descent.”

“The largest enclosed public park in any capital city in Europe.”

“Megalithic find.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Meaning government.”

“Lava tourism.”

‘The Krays’ Quotes:
“I dare ya!”

“Do you see me laughing?”

“A lot of screaming in them days.”

“Go to bed you revolting man!”

‘Return Of The Black Death’ Quote:
“Places unseemly.”

“The city’s dying families.”

“Removing them from human concerns.”

“Two Horsemen of the Apocalypse were riding on London.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Sapping the joy out of life.”

‘BBC News’ Quotes:
“Judge made law.”

“They were defiant.”

“Public interest journalism.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“He seemed so convincing.”
“Conmen always are.”

“My potential.”
“Your what?”

“Horrid horrid money.”

Testament Of Youth’ Quote:
“Inspirational stories for the damned.”

‘The Times’ Quotes:

“Stealing from horse boxes.”

“Menace to all things equestrian.”

“Feeling undermined in their abilities.”

“Inferior biological qualities.”

“Incapable of being disproven.”

“Seems disinclined to accept the restraints on power.”

“Rejection of objective truth.”

“Cultural preference.”

“Productivity killers.”

“Venerated sound.”

“Street qualities.”
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