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Book Reviews: Black Helicopters + Marlena

Black Helicopters by Caitlin R. Kiernan
This weird fiction novella is incoherent and unreadable. It doesn’t leave you dumbstruck with fear. It’s a morally inverted mess best avoided. There are spiritual forces of evil and an undesirable ending. This is not breathtakingly audacious.

Best Lines:
“She says the names of Not Gods and all their not-holy retinues in turn.”

“All our work and insight left unacknowledged.”

“A fit of laughter that not a man among her watchers does not find disconcerting,”

“A thousand other well-meaning fools who reached for the stars and liked to wish they’d not been half so ambitious, half so curious, half so clever and willing to trespass on the domain of a thousand different deities,”

“Unless the Xers have mastered necromancy, you may rest assured she’s out of the picture.”

“Ain’t you ever seen Cloverfield?”

Marlena by Julie Buntin
This tonally misconceived novel tells of a doomed teenage friendship and the contentious tragic life path of the girls dismissed as trashy bad girls. This was boring and a dismal litany of misery and teen girls perplexingly determined to destroy themselves.

Best Lines:
“Back when we were still the kind of family who went on camping trips,”

“One of those time traveler books about sex in Scotland.”

“The person you’ll never have a chance to be.”

“You’ve finally begun your downward spiral into a futureless hick who eats pot three meals a day.”


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