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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Doctor Who’ promo

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ promo

Southern kolas are cute.

Thigh cleavage and portfolio partying are things?

What is a hammam?

I will review ‘The Girl In The Green Silk Gown’, ‘The Endless’, ‘Sex With Kings’, ‘All These Beautiful Strangers’, ‘Festival’, ‘Chalk’, ‘The Twilight Pariah’, ‘A Demon In Silver’ and ‘The Auctioneer’.

Who saw ‘Gunga Din’ or ‘Willing To Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Story’ (1992) or ‘Operation Petticoat’?

‘The Last Man On Earth’ is a terrible show.

‘Very Cavallari’ is full of awful people:

Best Line:
“You’re more than welcome to not be here.”

My ‘Sherlock’ fanfic lost with PC: vampire Sherlock, abusive Sherlock, cheating Sherlock and John possessed by Moriarty. Sigh.

What is sorrel sorbet or rosemary-scented butter?

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Duty-free used to be chronic.”

“A hilarious shop dedicated to ceramic red postboxes.”

“Hopeful coldness.”

“Do you not know how shopping works?”

“Dated green website.”

“One of those books floundering teenagers pick up when they’re feeling misunderstood.”

“The behaviour it could provoke in others.”

“Sponge off your relatives.”

“Elegised rural lives.”

“Forever getting pregnant and drowning themselves in a millpond.”

“Fulfil their destiny and actually button up.”

“Sustainable underwear.”

“Cleavage calamity.”

“Unfathomable appetite for cheap plaid.”

“It’s not them adoring you.”

“Before they’re lying to the nation.”

“I’m really famous and you’re really excited that I’ve acknowledged you.”

“Responsible format.”

“In Los Angeles, a house that’s 100 years old is considered a relic.”

“Oil heir, DJ and actor.”

“He is not a big star among the over-seventies.”

“The idea of a teenager even having a radio is funny.”

“His job was to frighten off the over-thirties listeners.”

“Deep Calvinist pessimist.”

“Data localisation.”

“The war on drugs is now in its third generation.

“So riddled with moles and informants that any contact with them whatsoever was suspect.”

“Bloody disgusting.”

“Less than 5% of the population was causing more than 50% of the crime.”

“Violently defending their territory.”

“Mutually reinforcing arrangement of interest.”

“The informant owns them.”


“Simply didn’t want food.”

“Panic and vomit.”

“Worry postponement.”

“Attention training.”

“Thought interrupter.”

“Now obsolete processor.”

“Inhabits this space culturally.”

“Society places unfair constraints on exceptional individuals.”


“Instructive history lesson.”

“Distrust of trendiness.”

“Salty anecdotage.”

“That some of the most sophisticated technology resting on the contributions of our greatest intellects, finds its ultimate destiny in
computer games.”

“Like being imprisoned in a cinema inhabited by psychotics.”

“They can go into any world they want, and they can conquer it.”

“No Dracula film has ever lost money.”

“Cosy prejudice.”

“Too popular to be deemed serious.”

“Star-maker machinery.”

“No. Shan’t. Don’t want to.”

“The band’s famous fallout over who got to wear the best jacket at a photoshoot-”

“Will not cease to persecute me even unto death.”

“Left for faraway courts.”

“Took his tantrum as mandate.”

“Did not come back for us.”

“Exhausted by the constant threats he faces from glory-seekers out to get him,”

“Anything but a lovable rogue.”

“Foods of desperation.”

“Looked so ferociously middle-class.”

“Bacardi-infused vomit.”

“Inherited problem.”

“Heighten their impact.”

“Increasingly desperate and irrelevant.”

“Could not take the risk that they would panic.”

“Under circumstances that have never been fully made public.”

“Previously aired content.”

“Aggravating an existing crisis.”

“They all knew me and didn’t seem to like me very much.”

“Approvals lawyer.”


“Diplomatic wreckage.”

“Ossified assumptions.”

“The tomb of Jonah.”

“No way to run away or leave,”

“They deserve bullets.”

“Generally getting in everyone’s way as they wait for meals-on-wheels and death.”

“Regarded her as useless and unwanted.”

“All these people coming into your family space.”

“Orchestrated violence.”

“Walked away from security.”

“Natural lies.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Doesn’t behave like an international statesman.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Asleep on the lawn.”

“Taking her to the homeless shelter.”

“You drank in rehab.”

“Too hungover to parent.”

“Everything we had just went away.”

“You’re better than what you’re doing.”

‘Lords & Ladles’ Quotes:
“Potatoes as we’d recognise them.”

“Glorious potential to go horribly wrong.”

‘Spying On The Royals’ Quotes:
“Punctuality was not something he thought mattered.”

“Dirty knicker drawers of the aristocracy.”

“Of the bounder type.”

‘Carrie’ (2002) Quotes:
“Whore girl!”

"Jesus loves everybody momma! Even you!"

“Do yourself a favour and run away from home!”

‘Black Helicopters’ Quote:
“Any we desire not to know our business.”

‘3News’ Quote:
“Soil moisture defect.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:

“Self-serving foundation myths.”

‘Who Is America?’ Quotes:
“Made one mistake. Just 14 times.”

“I’m a cisgender white heterosexual male. For which I apologise. 2 weeks after the election was stolen from President Hillary Clinton, I managed to get out of bed.”
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