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Veronica Mars Season 1 Ep 18&19 Review

Weapons of Class Destruction

Veronica learns of a threat against her school and tangles with an undercover ATF agent while being smug and selfish. She also puts on another silly accent and somehow does not get expelled. Also Wallace’s mother is selfish and Duncan yells at Veronica for her snooping. But does Veronica care, no she’s too busy snogging Leo and Logan. For a pariah she sure has all the boys in love with her.

Thanks to Veronica, a teacher gets fired and Duncan runs away. Veronica’s too busy being smug and thinking about how she’s just like Samantha from ‘Sex and the City’. This was okayish but seriously Veronica’s attitude is really grating now and it only gets worse from here on out.

Best Lines:
Doesn’t he look like total bomb threat material?”

“There will be people looking for me. Armed people.”

Hot Dogs

Dognapping is afoot in Neptune, so Veronica solves the mystery. She also lies, accuses and is rude. Weevil breaks into the Kane house to steal Lilly's spy pen which will never be mentioned again. Duncan is still missing. Trina is beaten up by her boyfriend Dylan so Aaron beats Dylan up to the tune of Dean Martin. Also Logan learns Lynn left him everything in her will, Celeste gets to sneer at Keith, Aaron reveals his dad beat him up and Keith does his own paternity test. Plus in the continuing saga of All The Boys Want Veronica Mars, our heroine slobbers over Logan again and ditches Leo.

This was not good, I never really loved this show like its more rabid fans mostly due to the fact Veronica's personality grates like a rusty cheesegrater.

Best Lines:
"12 hours to hit me up for my dead mother's money."

"I can't get him off my back."
"Have you tried standing up?"

"Please resist arrest, please."
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