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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Wellington Paranormal’ promo

‘Summer Of ‘84’ trailer
A serial killer lives next door to some annoying teens. Maybe. A line from ‘Disturbia’ is ripped off.

‘Extinction’ trailer
Dreams predict the future. No.

Best Lines:
“It is just in your head!”

“What’s happening out there has been headed our way for a very long time.”

‘The Package’ trailer
Ha ha ha ha ha.

‘Daredevil’ clip
The annoying Foggy finds out.

Best Line:
“I will mess you up.”

How It Ends’ trailer
The world ends. There is mumbling and Theo James. Maybe.

‘Z Cars’ opening credits

‘Jem’ opening credits
So very 80s.

‘Mary Queen Of Scots’ trailer
Margot Robbie plays Liz I in this film. Mary has a bad Scottish accent, she had a French accent. Mary and Elizabeth have rivalry and Mary is extremely rude to her cousin. They never met despite what this trailer says. This looks okay.

Best Lines:
“Men lesser than ourselves.”

“Whims of women.”

Mint Rush tictacs - nice.

Who read ‘Where The Wild Things Are’?

I want to go to the Owl-Petting Café.

‘Harlots’ got a 2nd season?

Recall ‘Three To Tango’ or ‘The Company’ or ‘Night On Earth’ or ‘Real Women Have Curves’ or ‘Gas Food Lodging’ or ‘Grace Of My Heart’?

I didn’t like BBC1’s ‘Keeping Faith’.

What is a trifle bar?

Who recalls ‘The Strip’?

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Lock hospital.”

“Expelled never to return.”

“Do not have a friendly relationship.”

“Angry explanations.”

“Alibi warning.”

“Wearing vests in public.”

“On no account were they ever to be irritated, inconvenienced or displeased.”

“The foreman, nominally their superior, was terribly afraid of him.”

“History was against us. And them.”

“Unsettling her staff in a menacing, Ray-Liotta-at-the-end-of-Goodfellas kind of way. His only joy seems to come from shooting elks.”

“Big House idolatry.”

“Crisis status.”

“If you don’t take, you don’t get.”

“An old lady whom few people liked.”

“We’re lucky he didn’t throw a chair,”

“Paternalistic entitlement.”

“Concession to secular thinking.”

“We enjoy hating things.”

“Emotionally incontinent.”

“Vice-related violations.”

“Dirty glamour.”

“Preaching faithfully.”

“The discipline was too sexist.”

“Frightened of something uncertain.”

“The middle classes had abandoned Manhattan in favour of the suburbs and satellite towns, leaving the city to fester as unemployment and crime reached historic highs.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“If you were 21 and Mr Universe.”

“It’s our fault he married her!”

‘The First Georgians’ Quotes:
“The type of dress that had been fashionable in the real world 60 years ago.”

“The drivers of taste.”

“Empty glitter.”

“Snail fungus.”

“Lasting reputation.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“A room that can only be reached via trapdoor.”

“Dissatisfied about being dissatisfied.”

“Life satisfaction.”

“Repetitious wardrobe complex.”

“Enclothed cognition.”

“Negotiate identity.”

“My linen cupboard was lined with pale grey wallpaper printed with images of 18th-century wedding veils.”

“Last-ditch desire to feel needed.”

“Transforming it into a cliché.”

“Malarial conquistadores on their little ponies.”


‘Total Bellas’ Quotes:
“Been wearing a thong since middle school.”
“That’s the trashiest thing I’ve ever heard.”
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