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Movie Reviews: Suburban Gothic + Annihilation + Super Dark Times

Suburban Gothic (2015)
Matthew Gray Gubler, Kat Dennings, Muse Watson, Sally Kirkland, Jeffrey Combs, John Waters, McKenzie Philips and Ray Wise star in this bizarre comedy. An orange dude (Gubler) moves back in with his parents. This was narratively incoherent. The eccentric town is dull of eccentrics.

The weird dude reunites with a bartender (Dennings). She and this movie try too hard to be weird. Orange dude’s father (Wise) is vile. A body is found on their property. Ghosts show up. A vile doctor (Combs) swears and the orange guy sees dead people. There are sex jokes, Denning has had her lips done, Waters has a hilarious cameo and Combs’ character is called Dr Carpenter.

This descends into sap and lies. The body in the lawn is obviously plastic. There are naff VFX and a bizarre happy ending. This was okay if not great as it tries for a grander phantasmagorical quality.

Best Lines:
“I don’t know how to speak Mexican.”

“More European approach to fashion.”

“Criticism of everything I’ve ever done in my life.”

“You dress like a drug dealer.”

“Forbidden me to enter the property.”

“Transformational period.”

“Drinking makes me do things.”

“Started a cult or something.”

“Vagina grave.”

“I hate you so much.”

“Get my fanny pack.”

“Dildo licker.”

“The wagon from the nut house is coming to take you away!”

Annihilation (2018)
This is an arty scifi movie based on the arty book. The mysterious Area X has an effect on the people and places who encounter it. Is it alien? Brooding women and mythic mysteriousness are present in this okay film. People talk about the Southern Reach and there is non-linear storytelling.

A man returns from Area X, the only person ever to do so. So his wife and four other women head into Area X to explore and find answers. What happened to previous expeditions? The expedition encounters weird plants and growths and an alligator. Weird surgery is seen.

There is shrieking and an empty swimming pool with mutated people in it. A bear monster eats someone. There are weird visuals and weirdness and bones and crystals and the lighthouse is reached. There is a bizarre southern accent and a bizarre ending. What happened to the heroine and her husband? Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tessa Thompson star in this weird okay film.

Best Lines:
“Nothing comes back.”

“Out in the garden, pining.”

“Screw you.”

“The only survivor was barely surviving.”

“His insides were moving!”

“She was never coming back.”

“One by one all gone, except you.”

“Or if it wants.”

Super Dark Times (2017)
This film has staring and weirdness and four swearing teenagers watching scrambled porn, hanging out and talking about ‘True Lies’. The teens look as if they’ve awoken in a builder’s skip in this film which takes place in some undefined time in the 1990s. The teens have irked encounters and brittle frustrations and they are apparently without humour, affection or warmth. This is not psychologically rich. The teens smoke weed and wave a sword around.

Things go awry and there is a major injury under-reaction and death. The teens cover up their crimes. A hot girl is pined over. Bold effortful things are not done as the teens do transparent and unconvincing things to evade responsibility. There is crazed overacting and panicked uncertainty and no legal considerations. There are hallucinations, awkwardness and suspicion. Where is everybody in this town as teens commit violence? What was with the deer? This was okay implausibility.

Best Lines:
“I am the guy.”

“Immortal like Highlander.”

“What are you a clamper?”

“The Silver Surfer is the loneliest dude in the galaxy.”

“The Punisher is pretty haunted.”

“Melon soda.”

“I need my friend back.”


“What bitch?”

“If anyone asks. We’re not friends.”
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