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Star Trek Discovery: Succession 3 Reviewed

Captains Tracey and Decker show up in the mirror universe. MU Qo’nos is not devastated. MU Amanda was a rebel. There is a mention of the Khitomer raids. Alexander is decadent and unpopular. Robot woman is named Airiam. Why were there Vulcans on the Enterprise in MU Kirk’s time and not now? The Terran Empire logo is everywhere.

MU Cornwell misses MU Lorca. MU Burnham doesn’t miss or mourn MU Georgiou. MU Kor lurks. The rebels’ plans go awry. MU Airiam has a plan. Alexander has long desired MU Burnham’s humiliation. Serious disorder will result from all of this. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Despite what you may think, I take no joy in it.”

“You soil our homeworld with your presence!”

“The Butcher Of The Binary Stars.”

“You should be dead. I wish you were.”

“I don’t want to hear you say Gabriel’s name ever again. You lost that privilege when you got him killed.”

“Polish the palace floor with his entrails.”
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