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Star Trek Discovery: Succession 2 Reviewed

I missed issue 1. This is set in the mirror universe after the USS Discovery crew headed home. People believe the Emperor dead and her never before mentioned nephew Alexander has ascended the throne. MU Burnham has shown up despite being believed dead. There are flashbacks and MU Mudd lurks.

MU Burnham wants to be Emperor. MU Cornwell wants to stop Alexander unleashing a gene-toxin to wipe out all non-human life in the galaxy. Where is MU Spock during all this? Why is the robot in the MU? Why is MU Qo’nos still in existence? The Emperor wiped it out! The rebellion plots. The MU L’Rell tries to stop a sinister plot. The Emperor always had intense calm, no one else does. I liked this.

Best Lines:
“If my guard cannot stop you from cutting them open, then they do not deserve to serve me.”

“Terrans want to rule and exploit.”
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