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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Favourite’ trailer
Drama in the court of Queen Anne. There is ugly makeup, ugly clothes, mud, sneering, a rifle, geese, screaming, yelling, water, shoving and I’m there.

Best Line:
“Let’s shoot something.”

‘The Sinner’ season 2 trailer
A new creepy case.

Best Line:
“You knew what would happen when they drank it.”

‘Outdaughtered’ promo

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ promo
Put your shirt on.

Choc mousse - nice.
Bacardi mojito - lovely.

Lando back in ‘Star Wars’.

Who saw ‘Dogma’ (1999) or ‘The League Of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse’ (2005) or ‘Zardoz’ (1974) or ‘Waterworld’ (1995) or ‘Rollerball’ (1975) or ‘Logan’s Run’ (1976) or ‘The Swarm’ (1978) or ‘Maximum Overdrive’ (1986) or ‘The Postman’ (1997) or ‘Unstrung Heroes’ or ‘The Horror Of Party Beach’?

‘Children Of Men’ (2006) was okay.

My ‘Star Trek’ book reviews lost with PC and my WAV files.

What is chocolate bread?

An ‘Unsub’ TV show?

‘Bettie Page Reveals All’ wasn’t good.

Best Line:
“Jealous maniac.”

Stare decisis - let the decision stand.

I may review ‘Fear The Walking Dead’.

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Opiate strength medication.”

“Don’t pick up anything you yourself haven’t dropped.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Used against me to this day.”

“Didn’t seem to care.”

“Family rejected me.”

“Mental freak.”

“Danger to their family.”

“Brutal decision.”

“Hard to love.”

‘Murder She Wrote’ Quotes:
“This threatening fax.”

“I hope you can get John off.”

‘Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Indignation was apparently an indication of guilt.”

“Due to the nature of your reaction.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Losing control over my future.”


“Challenging years.”

“Screaming tantrums for hours.”

“Toothy, sitting-up baby.”


“Bias limit access.”

“A declining service.”

“Weak predicator.”

“Psychological explains.”

“Feel different levels of competence.”

“Exceptionally resistant to shopping around,”

“A dramatic signal is needed to make switching an option.”

“Certain defined beneficiaries.”

“Travel in the back of a van with another man.”

“Turn off the ESB connection to the home to prevent her listening to the radio,”

“Unambiguous and categorical promise.”

“Demanding circumstances.”

“Locked in the EU system.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“He’s dying!”

‘Into The Black Nowhere’ Quotes:
“Appearing deliberately nonthreatening.”

“An implausible explanation.”

“Teen-slasher-movie woods.”

“Tactical driver training.”

“They’re uselessly vague.”

“Create silence.”

‘That’s My Boy’ Quotes:
“Balloons filled with piss.”

“Security undies.”

‘Vienna’ Quotes:
“Conquer the world while sitting down.”

“Simply outliving his enemies.”

“Come good.”

“Throwing people out of windows was a bit of a national pastime in Bohemia.”

“No beauty even by the standards of Hapsburg interbreeding.”

“Endured glories.”

“His favourite concubine and his pet ostrich must not fall into enemy hands.”

‘Horizon’ Quote:
“Cosmic portal.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Temporary loss of a machine gun.”

“Once in a generation photographs.”

“Never see the same thing again.”


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