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Punisher(2017-?)1x01+Daredevil(2016-?)1x01-1x03+ ShadesOfBlue3x02+Gotham4x14+PicnicAtHangingRock1x01

The brooding vigilante gets his own boring slow moving show. Jon Bernthal stars and there are macho opening credits. He kills people, retires and then eventually kills people again. Frank Castle does construction with jerks and wields a hammer and roars. His idiot co-workers bully him. He validly terminated people and indefensibly lost his family and is disgracefully berated.

Some construction workers drive a nice car. There is no understanding and insight into the characters. Frank Castle won’t go to a PTSD support group. This was not exciting or innovative. There is no cultural leadership. Frank Castle has no openness or engagement. An ICE agent lurks. This is not efficacious.

This is very slow. Frank Castle has no good judgement. The satisfaction score on this ep is low. Frank Castle has no approachability or courteousness. Frank Castle tries lifestyle modification and ethical behaviour. It doesn’t last. But for a brief while, Frank Castle does seem to have abandoned anger-retaliation. Some dude has callous disregard. I cannot ascertain the point of this.

Frank Castle is pitied and happiness is unachievable for him. People think The Punisher is dead. People feel ill-will. Nobody provokes retaliation in Castle until they do. Castle is not socially adept. Idiots rob a mafia poker game and things go awry.

Best Lines:
“Get a room you dirty bastards!”

“No guns at the table rule.”

“Window licker.”

“Secret badass.”

“No judgment here.”

“Perspective is good.”

“Talent shows for assholes.”

“I would have helped you do it.”

“Take this fake leg off and beat you to death with it.”

Into The Ring
This MCU TV show is not especially interesting. Child Matt is hit by toxic waste and overacts badly. Adult Matt is a lawyer who is blind, catholic and a mumbler. By night Matt is a vigilante who doesn’t use the Daredevil name and has a bizarre costume. He beats up sex traffickers whilst dressed like a gork. Why don’t the bints run from the sex traffickers? The opening credits are overdone.

There is violence and Matt’s friend Foggy lurks. Isn’t Hell’s Kitchen now full of hipsters? There is exposition. Karen Page (it’s Jessica from ‘True Blood’) is an irritating murder suspect. Ill-thought out things happen. Matt does what he think must be done. His high-risk engagements don’t seem to achieve anything. The annoying Karen Page has stumbled across something dodgy, she tosses her fried hair. Karen is an idiot.

A group of baddies hang out and a big bad lurks unseen. Matt fights a guy and the fight goes out a window. Matt has flashbacks to his dad. There is a fight in the rain. The fights go on and on and on and on and on. Where and when did a blind man learn to fight like an MMA champion? There is no Daily Bugle. The big bad plots. Blind people pack drugs. Was Karen Page drugged? How? By who? Why doesn’t Matt tell Foggy what he gets up to? Matt and Foggy have a cheap door sign. There is mumbling about money and men and drugs and crime and dangling plots. This was overhyped.

Best Lines:
“You be quiet. I let you have a bucket.”

“Scream loud.”

“Pre-incident prices.”

“Vague shrug.”

“Stunning woman with questionable character.”

“Media friendly client.”

“Really? We’re going there?”

“Define yourself by what you have.”

“Trauma recovery.”

“We don’t say his name.”

“Heroes and their consequences.”

“Start a file. They may be of use.”

“Nut in a mask.”

Cut Man
Matt’s dad had his son stitch him up after matches? This is gritty! Gritty! GRITTY! Matt’s in an extremely vulnerable position. Notoriously vicious gangsters lurk. No productive decisions are made. Matt meets a nurse and fights low rent gangsters. Foggy and Karen annoy. Matt’s dad’s aspirant wish to be cheered got him killed. Matt rescues a kid after a fight. This does not have my unfaltering concentration. Foggy is sex seeking and annoying.

Best Lines:
“Discount cologne.”

“No reason to get all stabby.”

“You can smell a man on the 3rd floor?”


“Make life difficult for bad men.”

“I read normal.”

Rabbit In A Snowstorm
Morally vacant types lurk. There is a murder in a bowling alley. I feel a cessation of interest. A gun jams. Karen lies. Foggy and Matt are hired for the weird murder case. Bad men lurk and there are injurious consequences. Reporter Ben Ulrich lurks. There are no moral confines. Karen is stupid.

There is plotting, dumb courtroom antics and Karen goes to see Ben. What about Matt’s bleeding wound he shrugs off? Matt makes the hardcase murderer blubber and name Fisk as the big bad. The hardcase is so scared of Fisk that he slams his head into a conveniently lurking shard of metal. Fat Fisk lurks. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Leave my city.”

“Sacrament of penance.”

“Heard he retired.”
“In pieces.”

“A shark in a skin suit.”

“Communal ward.”

“I’m somebody else’s job.”

“Extenuating personal circumstances.”

“Wilson Fisk!”

The Hollow Crow
The unamused JLo overacts. The brat Christina shows up. Woz is overmighty and yelling and ferociously ambitious. There are secrets and lies. People act ingloriously. Intelligence are depraved psychopaths. Why isn’t the dead man’s apartment sealed? The corrupt cops provide a taxi service to criminal scum. There is death. Woz gaslights Harlee. Christina beats up a bully. JLo overacts and goes for an Emmy. There are inevitable consequences. Woz does physio and isn’t what he used to be. There is corruption everywhere and more death. No.

Best Lines:
“That’s how I get paid.”

“I didn’t say he was smart.”

“Makes me hostile.”

“Running low on sympathy.”

“Vengeance quest.”

There is no heroic narrative here. Sofia and Lee hang out. Alfred finally says no to Bruce. The brat Bruce does no apologetic retreat, he’s so deeply self-absorbed. Bruce asserts his own needs. Riddler screams. Fox doesn’t apologise for the lying. Bullock rages. Poison Ivy is an external danger. I don’t care about Riddler’s anxiety-provoking destructive rage. Bullock yells with manic exhilaration. Bruce feels no concern for others. This was burdensome.

Why does everyone in Gotham get emotional satisfaction from heading in a psychopathic direction? Selina smart mouths. There is bad acting. Bruce wants to fix Alfred’s dramatic loss of confidence with a sappy speech. Bruce has no trustworthiness and reliability. Bruce is a rude brat who barely utters competent dialogue. Bruce has no caring attitude to Alfred.

Selina and Poison Ivy fight in boring fashion. Lee is a little bitch. Sofia is covetous. Poison Ivy is into elite bashing. Lee is dethroned. I despise all these characters forever. Riddler cracks up; nobody cares about him and his rages. Bruce sees it as his rightful entitlement to have Alfred wait on him. This was rancid. Alfred needs a life of his own.

Best Line:
“Cuckoo pills.”

Picnic At Hanging Rock (2018) 1x01
A mysterious widow (who is neither a widow nor posh) buys a mansion in the Australian bush. Thus unwittingly setting the infamous events of 1900 in motion. This has no historical fidelity. Was there a deep cultural need for this remake? Who is Hester Appleyard running from? She turns the mansion into a school.

The students are introduced. Marion is an aborigine? There is an assault. Miranda is wild. Marion points out the school isn’t a real finishing school. Then why is she there then? The cast pose like they’re in a music video. Mrs Appleyard goes on about Mount Diogenes and hygiene and maladies flourishing in the dark. Sara is not allowed on the picnic. People mutter annoyingly.

What does Miranda know about Mrs Appleyard? Sara self harms. Mrs Appleyard looks orange. The 3 popular girls (Miranda, Marion and Irma) are mean. There is staring and a posh boy. This was not good at all. There is weirdness and Edith screams. What happened on the Rock? Mrs Appleyard is increasingly hostile. Why was this so bad?!?

Best Lines:
“My husband mistrusted water closets.”

“Bad timing will define your life Edith.”

“Your worth will be set by your future husband.”

“Ruinously spoilt child.”

“Your monthly blood has arrived.”
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