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Agents Of SHIELD 5x20 + SWAT (2017-?) 1x01 + GLOW 2x04 + Star Trek Discovery 1x15 Reviewed

The One Who Will Save Us All
The highly contentious Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) becomes Gravitron in this darker toned badly lit dull show. Coulson is still an exultant ass and pestiferous. TPTB try for relentlessly grim. Coulson has a macho viewpoint and SHIELD lack perspective. There is no moral context or effective tactics. Talbot self-mythologies. Hydra is around. Coulson quips at harrowing truths. This was unsatisfying.

There is no moral persuasion. New characters lurk. There are ego clashes. Seething Daisy is violent and stupid and whining. This is not paradigm exploding. There is not much substance. Sullen Daisy holds Coulson in misty eyed awe. This was crushingly naff. Daisy lives a sour life. Talbot has unstintingly determination to save the world only to be bothered by the useless SHIELD.

Fitz did bad things and shrugs it off and isn’t sorry. People don’t shun and hate him like they did Ward. People in dumb ‘alien’ makeup lurk. Thanos is attacking Earth at this point but SHIELD do not notice or care. Daisy uses emotional language to discuss Coulson. There is no real level of concern. People mumble. Daisy dug up her mother’s corpse and has people defile it to save Coulson. SHIELD’s years of ill-treatment and mockery of Talbot lead to hideous consequences. Even now Coulson won’t stop lying and being smug.

Best Lines:
“Totally not disappointing at all.”

“Entertain such derangement.”

“Vertical burn is a go.”

Shemar Moore stars in this 2nd reboot of the 70s show as does Peter Onorati. The lip-sync was off. Hondo’s boss (Louis Ferreira of ‘SGU’ and ‘Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II’) makes a mistake and is fired so Hondo (Moore) heads up SWAT. Jim Street, a reckless speeding jackass joins SWAT. They chase bad guys and face SJW stuff. This was deeply disappointing and plodding.

Best Line:
“We don’t do excuses.”

Mother Of All Matches
There is 80s style trash talking. People want a chance of recognition. What is homestyle potato? There are calculated decisions. Mike has an annoying new secretary. There are 80s earrings and Welfare Queen’s son snots. Debbie unravels and forgets her son. Liberty Belle’s victory goes awry so Zoya kidnaps Liberty Belle’s fake daughter. This was okay. Debbie takes an aberrant delight in being churlish. Welfare Queen is conflicted. People have the fashion sense of serious drug users.

Best Lines:
“Tiny bald version of myself.”

“We got cluckers ladies and gentlemen!”

“Snivelling runt.”

Will You Take My Hand?
Season 1 ends as the grandiose narcissist ex-Emperor who is an anger-excitement psycho commands the USS Discovery. The Klingons plan to attack Earth. Nobody thinks the ex-Emperor’s behaviour is odd. Burnham has uneasy proximity to the ex-Emperor. Burnham develops prescience and empathy and moral argument. The ex-Emperor is from Malaysia. Discovery has had not one but TWO Terran captains. Which passes unnoticed by the crew.

Burnham seems stunned at the elbow rubbing conviviality of it all. L’Rell is beat up. She has tormented passion and is slapped around. Burnham is wan with regret. There is social acceptability for Orions on the Klingon homeworld. They don’t seem very green. Clint Howard plays an Orion. MU Tilly and the ex-Emperor subjugated the Betazoids. The ex-Emperor has no drastic adjustment to the prime universe. Leather is worn and MU Lorca is mentioned.

MU Lorca passed himself off as his prime universe doppelganger better than the ex-Emperor does. Tilly babbles like a dishevelled drunk. The ex-Emperor revels in the cultural tyranny of the Terran Empire. There is no Praxis mention. There seems to be no electricity on the Klingon homeworld. Do Klingon males have two, you know? Oddly Dax never mentioned that.

An Orion woman lurks. The Klingons eat space whales. There is talk of bread and circuses. The ex-Emperor likes the Klingon titty bar. Burnham recounts how her parents died. What is a hydro-bomb? The ex-Emperor is not brilliantly naughty. Burnham leads a mutiny. The ex-Emperor destroyed the MU Klingon homeworld.

The ex-Emperor skips off. Tyler leaves to help T’Rell rule the Klingon Empire and the war ends. Future Paris is seen and Amanda lurks. Burnham gets a pardon for starting the war. Who will be Discovery’s new captain? Tilly is made an Ensign and the ship receives a distress call from Captain Pike and the USS Enterprise. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Discovering new worlds, new civilizations.”

“Fight us to extinction.”

“The enemy planet.”

“I care what’s scanning us.”

“Biological transport.”

“Dressed as low lives.”

“Feasted on your flesh.”

“This half breed.”

“She’s not for you.”

“The dregs from our race.”
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