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Captain America 1 Reviewed

So is this the real Captain America? What happened to the other one? Hydra’s cultural activity goes on. Various people congregate in Russia. Captain America does not kindle mistrust or pathological revulsion. He’s been exculpated from blame. He faces emotional foes. He’s still a figure of some stature. Hydra is not conducive to nuance.

People live in delusion. Bucky does stuff. This does try to explore the implications of the Hydra takeover within the bounds of believability. The cultural situation and social attitudes face un-nuanced reflection. Ross foments aggression. There is nothing terribly subtle here. Hydra are morally abhorrent, Cap delivers retribution. His reputation is not demolished and there are no logical ramifications. Hydra do and say awful things. This was interesting.

What happened to SHIELD? Why is Agent 13 old? She gets comically overwrought. There is no emotional heft. Hydra broke the world. Van Strucker is a government ally now. Agent 13 doesn’t trust Cap anymore. I wish to read more.

Best Lines:
“Resisters with shady pasts.”

“Hydra nostalgics.”

“The country doesn’t trust me anymore.”

“A monster impersonated the only man I’ve ever lived.”
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