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Book Review: The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Ten, part 3

The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Ten edited by Ellen Datlow, part 3

A boy deals with the unsavoury characters that are his parents. This was tragic and devoid of a moral centre.

The Starry Crown
A young student explores the origins of a mysterious song. He uncovers something old, something new and terrible. This was excellent.

Best Lines:
“Christ-proclaiming sign,”

“Maybe the maker we seek is not the kindly old man we hope he’ll be.”

“A cult finally able to again practice on their most sacred ground.”

I’ve nothing but derision for this ludicrous story about an annoying woman.

Lost In The Dark
This anxiety inducing story initiates tension. A hugely successful horror move hides a malevolent secret. This is very good and ends almost inevitably in a downer ambiguous ending.
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