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Book reviews: Staked + In The Hunt

Staked by J.F Lewis

This is the first in a new urban fantasy horror series. Eric is a vampire who runs a strip club and wants to be left alone to sleep with skanks, murder people, feud with werewolves and gorge on blood in peace. But his life doesn’t go according to plan mostly due to the fact that Eric’s a big jerk as well as really, really stupid.

Eric is utterly unsympathetic who treats people like trash and the baddie’s big evil plot depends on Eric being drain slime dumb. While Eric’s a vile person and dumb, his put upon girlfriend Tabitha is more interesting. Eric naturally doesn’t appreciate her.

This is a blood soaked meaty read which has a certain fascination. But Eric’s intelligence level needs to go up in the sequel ‘ReVamped’.

In The Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural edited by Supernatural.tv

From the publishing house that gave us ‘Neptune Noir’ and ‘Serenity Found’ comes this tome that gives us various essays on seasons one to three of ‘Supernatural’, sadly the advent of season four has badly dated and rendered incorrect a lot of the essays. Also ‘In the Hunt’ just isn’t as good as ‘Neptune Noir’ and ‘Serenity Found’, the writing isn’t as good and there is far too much repetition.

The essays in this book are:

We’re not Exactly the Bradys (by Tanya Huff)
This is the best essay in the collection as it focuses on John’s deficient parenting methods and motives.

The Burden of Being Sammy
This is a horrendously badly written essay which is also way too long and is mostly the author showing her obvious hatred of the Dean character.

What’s supernatural About Supernatural?
This author wonders why the brothers keep thinking of monsters as supernatural seeing as they encounter them all the time and wonders where the angels are. This essay is rendered obsolete by the advent of season 4.

Horror, Humanity and the Demon In The Mirror
Another essay wondering where the angels are, again this essay is rendered obsolete by season 4. Why is it placed next to another essay on angels? Why didn’t the editors do anything about the repetition?

Good and evil in the world of supernatural
More on the angel issue. See the above two essays for comments.

Sympathy for the devils
A badly written ‘essay’ which comes across more as bad fanfic about how demons view the brothers.

Dean Winchester: bad ass or soccer mom?
This essay ponders how Dean was left to raise Sam. Something the show has never addressed.

“We’ve got work to do”
This essay looks at Dean and his endless sacrifice and self esteem issues.

A Powerful Need
This essay looks at the theme of Sam and the family he once rejected, then embraced again.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jo the Monster Killer
This essay is a big sulk on how ‘Supernatural’ is not just like Buffy. It then suddenly ends as if the author forget to finish it. The whole argument is centred on the ill-convinced Jo character. Jo was a love interest who was badly handled, if the essay looked more at the even more badly handled Bela it might have been better.

Spreading Disaster
The author gets way too much into philosophy as he goes on about Smallville, Buffy and Supernatural and gender and gaze. It does have some okay ideas in it though.

Who Threw Momma On The Ceiling?
This essay is about Mary Winchester, the ill-fated mother. Of course this essay is now mostly irrelevant due to revelations about Mary in season 4.

Scary just got sexy
Supernatural fanfic is the subject of this essay. It doesn’t go deep enough into the subject.

Blue Collar Ghost Hunters
This is an interesting take on just how John and his offspring could have got started in hunting.

A Supernatural love story
This isn’t an essay, more of a bad fanfic.

Back in Black
This deals with Dean’s car.

Riding down the highway
This one also deals with Dean’s car, again with the repetition problem.

John Winchester and the magic bullet theory
This looks at John’s motives for making the deal to save Dean’s life and ponders the colt as well.

The evils of hating um, evil
This looks at the ill-fated Gordon.

Another Roadside Attraction
The Trickster gets an essay devoted to him.

Keepers of the Lore
A look at Supernatural’s use of urban legends, it’s a shame the show dropped this theme to focus on slutty demons and brooding angels in raincoats in season 4.

Ghouls in Cyberspace
A look at researching supernatural events online.

'In the Hunt' is okay, it could have been better. So much potential was overlooked. Why no essay on how the FBI thought John was a survivalist nutjob (they had a point there) and that the brothers were serial killers? Why no essay on the comedy aspect? Why no essay on Bobby or Meg? ‘Supernatural’ fans might want to check this out just don’t expect too much.
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