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Book Reviews: The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Ten, part 1 + Saturn's Child

The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Ten edited by Ellen Datlow, part 1

An interesting summation of the horror of the last year.

Better You Believe
Climbers try to survive their descent of Everest. Selfish recklessness and impossible promises fill this ghost story. This is an okay tale of an unshakeable union.

Best Lines:

“Muttered summations.”

“Mountains attract assholes;”

“They worship nothing but the climb - the endless soulless merciless demand of it.”

“Are my actions, my responses still rational?”

Liquid Air
I’ve no idea what this was about.

Holiday Romance
There is sinister intent as a man visits a rundown seaside resort where he was happy as a child. He encounters some hobbledehoys. This tale makes no sense.

Over the years a beach holiday hides horror and misery and pain. This is excellent and creepy.

Best Line:
“They stopped laughing hides when I dug the boy’s body out.”

Where’s The Harm?
Two brothers encounter weirdoes in the woods. This was okay.

Best Line:
“The foul stuff they do in the wood.”

Saturn’s Child by Nichelle Nichols and Margaret Wander Bonanno
This 1995 tale of human and alien love and the resulting child is okay. The promised sequel never appeared.
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