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Reaper Season 2 Episode 11 Reviewed

To Sprong With Love

Sam thinks his latest soul to capture is his evil old high school biology teacher. But he's wrong so the aforementioned evil teacher ends up tied to a chair in Sock's house as he hurls abuse at them. I guess TPTB saw 'Teaching Mrs Tingle' (even if no one else did). This was hilarious, even Sock was tolerable this ep as he had a short-lived run as the Work Bench mascot. Ben got a useless subplot with Nina and her horrible horrible hair but that's just par for the course by now.

Mr Sprong is actually right in his low opinion of the gang though they live in denial. Sock points out that Ben is shagging a hell beast, Andi got fired as Work Bench manager, he himself got into a mascot brawl and Sam is the antichrist: "Heir to the throne of the underworld" So Sprong's wrong they're not losers! This was good and very funny.

Best Lines:
"No living person could be that evil."

"Surprised to see me?"
"Surprised you're not incarcerated."

"A couple of technical college rejects."
"Didn't even apply."

"I can only imagine your parents profound disappointment in you."
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