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Book Review: The Cabin At The End Of The World

The Cabin At The End Of The World by Paul Tremblay
From the author of ‘A Head Full Of Ghosts’ comes this tale of a selfish couple and their brat who face a home invasion from a foursome who are on a mission from god. Are the foursome suffering from collective delusions and spinning a monstrous lie and spewing hectoring nonsence? Or are the couple being selfish and refusing to ward off ill-chance? This was dull with no climactic confrontation. The ‘victims’ aren’t vulnerable and affecting but are smug, sneering jerks and you don’t care about them and their fateful encounter.

Best Lines:
“The strangers with the awful things they carry are here and walking toward her.”

“Maybe they are done with talking because they are ready to do something else.”

“What kind of god is making all this happen?”
“The one we have.”
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