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Movie Reviews: The Good Neighbor + Little Evil + The Interview + Green Room + 6 others

The Good Neighbor (2016)
A cruel prank takes an unexpected turn in 2014 in this good film. 2 jerks engender little sympathy as they want to convince “the creepy psycho hermit that lives across the street” that his house is haunted. They have winking complicity and are self-interested. This is bleak and disturbing as the duo are arrogant self-obsessed egoists. They use tech they bought off skymall.

The objectify women and where did they get all the money for this? There is underlying menace from the start. They have veiled distain for their elderly neighbour. The duo have no conflicting emotion about this. There is a cat wandering around. In the future, the duo end up in court over their antics.

The question of why they hate the old man so much and spread stories about him is not answered till later on and then the reveal changes everything. The duo are rude to one of them’s mother. Nobody notices them sneaking into the neighbour’s house and painting stuff on his windows?

They gender police each other. Someone will end up dead. The duo don’t seem to sleep or have jobs. There is a gun. The neighbour, Harold, has flashbacks to his wife (Laura Innes of ‘er’ and ‘The Event’). The duo stage the haunting. Harold smashes up a door with an axe. The duo have non-existent common interests other than tormenting Harold. This is subtly disturbing. The morbid duo deserve the widespread odium they gain at their trail.

Harold has anguished responses to the flashbacks to his wife. The duo have deluded belief in themselves. What is this ‘project’ for? Youtube? College? Harold has no self care and is not sociable. The duo wonder what he does in the basement for hours. The duo cause Harold’s windows to crack. They did all this harassment and stalking for 6 weeks. One of them’s mother is berated in court for not stopping, objecting to or interfering with the ‘project’.

The questions as to why Harold isn’t afraid and doesn’t react or call the cops is answered later on in tragic fashion. How does Harold get food and supplies if he doesn’t leave the house? One of the duo was planning to go to MIT. What did Harold do about the broken bedroom windows? The duo have laziness, arrogance and appalling short-sightedness. They have no ethical or moral standards.

The duo are wrong, petty and mean-spirited. They don’t care about their destructive course. Hidden motives come out. The duo have no rational perspective and have comparative indifference to sense. The duo have no deep regret when they are in court. One of the duo is a peeping tom and the other is a hypocrite. They are toxic and vindictive jerks with no accountability.

There are devastating consequences to the ‘prank’. Why are the duo still friends? A cat knocks over a camera, there are illogical character choices and the ending is not brilliantly bleak. Things go badly. Guns are waved. There is a twist and profound implications and absolute turmoil. The ending changes everything. This film was also known as ‘The Waiting’. Annie Dudek and Tamlyn Tomita also feature.

Best Lines:
“Alter the course of their routines.”

“Tormented a lonely old man.”

“Boring nerdy rich circle.”

“Everything includes shopping.”

“Spray-painting indoors.”

“Watch us watching the subject.”

“Objective witness cam.”

“Haunting project.”

“You’re going to scare an old man half to death?”

“A man’s beer.”

“The infamous ex Mrs.”

“You win again.”

“Is he looking at us?”

“He knows!”

“Maybe he’ll leave.”

“With a professional grade equipment hub that you didn’t purchase.”

“Be careful how far we push this guy.”

“Whiskey drenched slumber.”

“What the hell is a 150 year old man doing in a basement at midnight?!”

“Move the furniture around just like in ‘Poltergeist’.”

“I respect the candle reviewers.”

“Crudely drawn flock of penii.”

“Pornography of the Asian variety. Unshaved.”

“Couldn’t actively make decisions.”

“Like Shelley Duvall was on the other side.”

“Not like we’ve ever broken in before.”

“Does he not seem haunted to you?”
“Not enough.”

“What have we done?”

Little Evil (2017)
A stepdad (Adam Scott) deals with his weird stepson Lucas whilst his wife (Evangeline Lilly) from ‘Lost’) denies anything is wrong with him. Why didn’t the stepfather get to know the boy before the wedding? There was a tornado at the wedding and the stepdad has a friend named Al, who is played by a woman (Bridget Everett). Is Al supposed to be butch or is this a bad trans joke?

Clancy Brown plays an obviously evil priest. A Dr Farrow lurks. There is failed comedy and ‘Repossessed’ was funnier. Why does Lucas dress like it is the 1970s? There is mumbled dialogue. Lucas only talks through a creepy goat hand puppet. How is there TV static in 2017? The stepdad visits a stepdad support group. Lucas causes a clown to go on fire at his birthday party.

The mother is bizarre. A midget demon hunter shows up, he doesn’t last long. This was inept and gets sappy. This was not an impactful horror spoof. This was enormously frustrating. The stepdad’s attempted kid murder isn’t considered consequential. This is not an epochal movie. The stepdads take on the colluding occultists. Can they stop satan’s unstoppable advance? The cultists have shrugged off every decent value and Gary the stepdad thought child murder was morally justifiable. None of the women in this film has anything you could call a personality. Donald Faison and Tyler Labine and Sally Field run around in this dumb boring movie.

Best Lines:
“When god does take you. Can I have your van?”

“TV sucks anyway.”

“He has risen from the bowels of hell.”

“Freak mulching accident.”

“Spawned from a cult ritual.”

“Lots of herbs.”

“Sounds like your average devil child to me.”

“What good thing has ever happened in a cornfield?”

“Let’s go blow up that nunnery!”

“You can’t drive, you’re 6!”

“Warm red body paint.”

The Interview (2014)
James Franco and Seth Rogen play idiot media types who go to North Korea to interview Kim Jong Un and the CIA get them to try and kill him. There are toxic results and destructive attitudes. This failed to elicit any excitement or personal resonance. There are fake happy people, fights and stupid man-boys. This leaves you unenthusiastic and it has no tonal consistency.

Best Lines:
“Die old bitch die.”

“Women are smart now.”

“He lives in North Korea. We can’t go there.”

“Chubby dude with a goofy hairdo.”

“Horned up.”

“Poop out these drugs.”

“Do not fight the tiger.”

Green Room (2015)
An idiot band play for a club of neo-Nazis and things go badly for them after they witness something. Patrick Stewart plays a neo-Nazi in this badly lit grubby mumbled mess.

Best Line:
“They need us found.”

The Body Snatchers (1978)
People gradually notice the quiet alien pod people invasion unfolding around them and futilely attempt to escape it. This has creeping horror and lasting relevance. The cameo by the star of the original is memorable.

Body Snatchers (1993)
Not much here is fresh or tonally different.

Halloween (1978)

Stand By Me (1986)

Patrick (1978)

Get Shorty (1995)
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