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Book Reviews: The Room By The Lake + Queens Of Fennbirn, part 1

The Room By The Lake by Emma Dibdin
Caitlin is lost, isolated and alone. She ran away to NY to escape family tragedy. But then she ended up meeting a group of people who promised to make her better. It’s a lie; Caitlin has unwittingly wandered into a cult and faces traumatisation as she is negatively by people with no moral code.

Her emotional awkwardness and craving love and closeness is exploited by people with false humility who wear her down to a demoralised wreck as they demand submission. Can she realise the magnitude of the danger she is in and save herself or is it already way too late for her? This was dull and boring with unfortunate Ed Westwick and Kevin Spacey references.

Best Lines:
“A gathering that should have never included me and will play out without my participation.”

“All I do is take responsibility for things.”

“Don’t try to challenge her reality.”

“The family you’ll keep.”

“How is this place allowed to exist?”

“She wore the same black Marks & Spencer bikini, now two sizes too small for her, wore it around the house and to put the bins out and once even to Sainsbury’s Local where two of my classmates spotted her. That was a fun month at school.”

Queens Of Fennbirn by Kendare Blake, part 1
A collection of 2 novellas (previously e-only).

The Young Queens
A tale of the triplets as children and how their mother arranged for the swap of prisoner Arsinoe and the naturalist Katharine as an act of rebellion against the prisoner clan. She unwittingly set dark events in motion. The sisters are not aware of the undeclared hostility between them. This was okay if unnecessary. Also there are photos in Fennbin?

Best Lines:
“Their lives would not be easy.”

“Not to love one another too much.”

“Beating her when she gets it wrong.”

“No longer kept in the basement out of fear.”
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