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Kings Episode 6 Review

Judgment Day

It's Judgment Day on which King Silas picks 10 legal cases to give his personal judgment on. Meanwhile David's idiot brother Ethan is facing the death penalty for his treason in ep 5. In between David being shunned by his family of morons, he is manipulated by Jack. Michelle sees through Jack like he's bathing in Windex and challenges him. Jack reveals he is scared that she and David will marry and usurp his and inheirt in his place.

Also the King's nephew Andrew (Macaulay Culkin, yes the Macaulay Culkin) returns from exile and acts stoned. David manages to get mercy for Ethan, Jack is informed by the city gold digger that he's too low even for her and Michelle is dewy eyed. Silas has to scorn his loving mistress Helen again and the only person he can talk to is his predecessor as King who he keeps imprisoned in a cellar. It's heard being King. Still all is well, for now.

This was okay, with some lovely imagery like the floors of the palace covered in envelopes containing rejected legal cases.

Best Lines:
"We made law where there was none."

"I trust it was given without expectation of barter?"

"I will not sit by and be ploughed into obscurity by someone else's ambition!"
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