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Supergirl3x23+GLOW1x08-1x10+Scream(2016-?)1x01&1x02 +WildWildCountry3+StarTrekDiscovery1x05 Reviewed

Battles Lost And Won
Super-powered people fight with no regard for ordinary people caught in the crossfire. Where is Superman? Imra shows up. Her husband’s sidepiece Kara has no shame. Mon-El is a liar. J’onn’s boring father dies. Sam yells and whines and the witches bore. Imra takes the blame for Mon-El cheating.

Winn and Mon-El have to go to the future. In the future, Winn is worshipped as some Elon Musk like genius. This is not glossy lunacy. Kara, Mon-El and Winn are all genuinely unpleasant. This is an excruciating disappointment. Alex whines about wanting a baby. Kara tantrums. Reign dies and Mon-El dies, so Kara turns back time so she can have his manrod. She claims she is doing this for pure reasons but she’s not. It’s all for Mon-El’s man-rod.

People talk and talk and talk and talk. Alex’s baby rabies bore. J’onn makes Alex head of the DEO. James goes public and Lena keeps some space rock. J’onn walks the earth. Where is Max Lord? What is Lena doing with the space rock? Another Kara shows up in Russia. This was boring as hell.

Best Line:
“I learned some troubling things today.”

Maybe It’s All The Disco
Sam has passionate convictions. Ruth is supercilious. Fortune Cookie plays with her sword. Old phones are talked down. Sam’s butler wears tiny trunks. The gang are cash-poor and have collaboration and kindness. Mike tears up the divorce papers as he is a thoroughly disgusting human being. Debbie is murderously angry. Mike has unconvincing humility. Debbie has profound societal dissatisfaction.

Mike treats Debbie contemptuously and she goes on a diatribe. There is 80s hair. Mike is actively repellent and deserves implacable hostility. This ep is excruciatingly inept. Ruth has no emotional capacity. Sam wants pink ropes in the ring. Ruth has infectious joy. She and Debbie have not yet rebuilt their scandal stalled relationship. Ruth’s pregnant, by Mike.

Ruth does a huge and complicated looking 80s pregnancy test. Britannica dumps Sam. The girls go to a roller disco. Ruth has no house of confidence. It is 1985 apparently. There is no innovation here. How does Ruth pay for the procedure?

Best Lines:
“Roger Moore is by far the best Bond.”

“Give me more anger.”

“Not even cable television.”

“You don’t actually like me.”

“Period sex.”

“Another dramatic gesture.”

“I like pink things.”

“Not the right baby.”

The Liberal Chokehold
The Flight 847 hijacking is taking place. Debbie’s baby is ugly. Ronald Regan is seen on TV. Sam tries to get a TV slot. Bash messes things up, there’s no more money. A glass 7up bottle is scene. There is no gut wrenching moments of tragedy. Bash has wheezy desperation. Cherry is offered an audition for a real job. Bash faces social reprobation and does a lot of career-damaging things.

Fraught and troubling things happen. Bash is socially irresponsible and has status-driven narcissism and his mother doesn’t like the dubious company he keeps. This ep causes crushing boredom. This is not horribly poignant and has no social value. Cocaine is snorted off a photo of the Reagans. Sam recites the plot of his vanity project movie only to be told it is the plot of ‘Back To The Future’. The inscrutable Justine bores. Bash is pretty hateful.

This ep is interminable. Bash’s mother is supercilious and treats Ruth and co with distain. Justine turns out to be Sam’s long lost daughter. There is no social realism and it has nothing serious to say. Sam is highly negative in this underpowered ep.

Best Lines:
“Socially beneficial programming.”

“You’re a human cheque book!”

“Raised thousands of dollars for world hunger. We used that money to remodel the deck.”

“We cleaned dead skin out of upholstery.”

“Dressed like fancy Mormons.”

“Got any blow?”
“No we don’t.”
“You want some?”

“We are not that good.”

“On the crack.”

“I chose the crack.”

“The bathroom on that plane has to be disgusting right now.”

Money’s In The Chase
Ethically dubious types hang out. This is not heart-wrenching as the girls prepare to film the pilot in Bash’s mother’s ballroom. Sam is sympathy cancelling. Debbie is historically victimised. Bash and his egregious recklessness bore. The girls have grim self sufficiency. The show has no grubby aesthetic. There is stunned gratitude, shock, pain and social issues.

Justine bores with her moral turpitude. The girls pay people to sit in the audience. Bash is the ring announcer and puts on pink glitter eye shadow. The girls are exceptionally determined. Ruth is loud and dramatic. Cherry Bash has a real job. This is not a formidable production with disconcerting revelations.

The action confounds expectations and it takes off in a scattershot of unforeseen directions. There is no quieter appeal and Sam is not charming only shifty. Ruth has a grandiloquent voice. This is all indignities. The sidelined girl squad bore. There is no exuberance. Shelia is brought to the ring in a cage aka a luggage cart pulled by two shirtless dudes. Melrose wears glitter.

This is a chance to escape boredom. What is the GLOW title? It is a tiara. Where did that come from? Sam has bewildered despair. There is no moral compass and Sam has frustrated fury. Shards of blame fly. Welfare Queen fights with food stamps. This ends on an admittedly pleasant note. Things are spikier, sharper and crueller.

Ruth as Zoya marches to the ring with a fur hat, flags and a nice looking red costume. This ep was surprisingly good in places. Despite some mediocre eps, season 1 was okay. I may watch season 2. Difficult and unpopular decisions were made. This ep does not initially impress but improves. The GLOW crown is brought to the ring by Bash’s butler. This was intense nonsense. Liberty Belle pops up. This is not an unalloyed pleasure.

It was pleasurable if fraught. Sam puts on an inventive ending involving Welfare Queen. There is no depth and vitality and the ending rips off ‘Broadcast News’.

Best Lines:
“Hand-sewing is not an option.”

“Hotter than Kelly Le Brock.”

“Knock your dentures out.”

“What is that smell?”
“Bourbon and despair.”

In Lakewood, Audrey is shamed. Nina, an immoral stick insect mean girl has no moral standards. Nina does ill-advised things and as she’s not contributing to the community and makes conscious choices to be a bully, you wait for her to be knifed in this movie spin-off. Tension does not escalate dramatically as Nina is stalked inside her own house.

Nina has no frantic desperation and doesn’t call the cops. Her withering attack and negative campaign and bizarre reaction to a stalker inside her house make her teeth-grindingly awful. This is not a modest melodrama. It has no fierce intensity, dread or anticipation. This was profoundly unconvincing. Nina is killed. A new Ghostface mask is worn.

Bex Taylor-Klaus of ‘Arrow’ and Bella Thorne star. Wes Craven and Harvey Weinstein made this. Emma is part of a gang of awful people who carry out orchestrated campaigns of bullying and sneering. Nina was the queen bee of their group. At Halloween 1994 Lakewood had a rampage by nutter Brandon James. He killed a bunch of students 20 years ago. He’s dead. Or is he? Emma’s mother Daisy was Brandon James’ final girl though not many people know as her name was kept secret back in 1994.

This is not an exploration of the darker recesses of the American teen. Emma’s boyfriend is shady. Emma’s slutty friend shags a teacher. Audrey and Emma used to be friends. Emma’s shady boyfriend has no loyalty, honesty or trustworthiness or ethical imperatives. There is no justified submission. Does Emma even like her friends? There is a lake. Emma likes a new boy who is the son of her mother’s sheriff boyfriend. There are metafiction discussions of the horror genre and homages to the movie. Emma gets a phonecall. Everyone’s a suspect! Nina deserved her yikes he’s behind you comeuppance.

Best Lines:
“Trained attack Pomeranian!”

“Gut you on command!”

“Call 911!”
“Calling Pottery Barn!”

“Good girl wrath.”

“Spoiled sociopath.”

“Taylor Swift her anger.”

“Can’t do a slasher movie as tv series.”

“The deformed kid who lived in the shed.”

“This cannot end well.”

“Like an STD cautionary tale.”

“Natural slasher setting.”

Hello, Emma
Audrey’s friend Rachel self harms. Nobody aspires to a better existence. This show has a precipitous decline. There is another murder. People aren’t pathologically afraid. A true crime podcast is broadcast. Wouldn’t the fact that Nina’s boyfriend was also murdered have shown up in the blood evidence? Nobody is suffused with regret for bullying. The prospect of these brats being visited with misery is hilarious.

The sleazy Jake is cloaked in artifice. Piper is the podcaster. Nobody has a gentle and retiring disposition and this is a rather unflattering portrait of America. There are shoutouts to ‘Hannibal’. Jake carries out acts of intimidation. The victim’s punishments seem out of proportion to the offence. Emma whines about intended consequences. Audrey and Rachel warily sought each others love. Poor Rachel. Daisy has no concept of medical privacy. Where are Audrey’s parents? This was oddly enthralling and okay.

Best Lines:
“It’s a slut sandwich! Without the meat!”

“Bitch infestation at my school.”

“This town’s blood-soaked history.”

“Generic sex pills from India.”

“Survivor stalking.”

“21 Jump Street snitch.”

“Rest in Prada.”

“Fat shamed into some questionable Guatemalan liposuction.”

“Just saying words.”

“We have a bike path for crying out loud!”

“Crazy guy thoughts.”

“Creepy monologue alert.”

“Make good choices.”

“We’ve all watching the zombie show to see if the hick and the housewife will sleep together.”

Wild Wild Country Part 3
This part of the documentary shows dangerous deceptions, false purposes and joy-killing goblins. Was the cult all innocuity? They got guns. Vintage news clips are shown. Where the cultists in the US legally? Did anyone ever ask that? Each side had absolute belief in themselves. People were purposefully obstructive and there was irresponsibility.

There was mass hysteria about the cult. The cult recruited homeless people. This documentary is indifferent to truth. The cult was mired in controversy. They planned to sedate the homeless people by drugging their beer. This ep was wretched.

Best Lines:
“A red dawn.”

“Reduce the chaos.”

“Talk of killing people.”

“Those were accurate perceptions.”

“People who were of use to her.”

“Recruit street people.”

“Magnet for crazy people.”

“Shipments of homeless.”

“United States of aggression.”

Choose Your Pain
The Klingons seem aware of the displacement activated spore hub drive. I miss Connor and Landry (Rekha Sharma of ‘Battlestar Galactica’). Cadet Tilly snores and swears. The ship’s doctor can’t act. The monster is dying from being used as a navigation tool. There is a Benzar mention. There is a black Vulcan in Starfleet, so Spock wasn’t the first.

Does Lorca have sinister reasons for doing things? Gaudy combadges are worn. Lorca treats his eyes. The Klingons capture him. The Admiral (Jane Brook) and her scouse brows lurks. Lt Detmer does nothing. April, Archer and Pike are mentioned. There are robust discussion. Saru feels doubt and wronged by Burnham. Lorca encounters Harry Mudd in the Klingon prison ship.

Lorca’s light sensitivity hurts him. Lorca has ruthless certainty and shoots a Klingon in the face. Weird ships are flown. Lorca escapes the prison ship with Lt Ash Tyler. Harry Mudd is left behind in the prison ship for being a jerk and sneering at Starfleet and bringing up Lorca’s previous command. A month into the war Lorca killed his previous crew by blowing up the USS Buran, to save them from the Klingons. He alone survived. How did he survive?

There are 134 people on the USS Discovery. There are hints about Klingon sex and a mention of banned eugenics experiments. Burnham causes trouble. Paul injects himself with stuff. How was the telescope retrieved from the Binary Stars Battle? Is Connor’s body still floating in space? The monster is freed. There is a weird reflection. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Crack it open if you have to.”

“There is no we.”

“I’m coming for you!”

“I love feeling feelings.”

“Eliminate destructive element.”

“Scary scary man.”

“Boldly go where no-one had gone before.”

“You, up there.”

“I knew what awaited them.”
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